COVID-19: Essential Information
How do I get access to a Fund/Org in Banner?

Click on the link below:

Fill out only the sections that apply.

Section:  Banner area where access is needed (not user's dept)

Make sure you check "Finance: Budgets, Grants & Other" for Finance access, as well as any other area you need access. (Human Resources for Time Approver access)

Section:  Finance

Enter the Funds/Orgs or Indexes you need access to in Banner.

Will this user create Requisitions or Purchase Orders in Banner?  This is a one time request for users who need the ability to create Requisitions or Purchase Orders in Banner through forms (this does not need to be checked each time a user requests additional Fund/Org access).

Types of access needed:

    Users who need to see the budget should select "viewing".

    Users creating Requisitions/Purchase Orders should select "both".

How do I get a new Activity Code set up?

Email the budget office with Activity Code and Title.

What is a FOAPAL?

FOAPAL is the way banner organizes the budget information.

It stands for:




Program code

Activity code, and


How do I contact for problems with viewing budgets in BannerWeb?

Contact Susan Simmons at ext. 802-443-2049

What password do I use for Hyperion?

Hyperion requires your windows password (the one you first use to log into your computer each morning)

Hyperion queries requires your Banner password.

What is the format of the journal upload?

The upload document request for journal uploads needs to be in the following format.

Column A    Rule Code      4 char long   Example: JE16

Column B    Index Code     6 char long

Column C   Fund Code      6 char long

Column D   Org Code        6 char long

Column E    Account Code  6 char long

Column F    Program Code 6 char long

Column G   Activity Code    6 char long

Column H    Location Code 6 char long

Column I     Amount            12 char long, include decimal 1,234.25

Column J    Debit/Credit Code  1 char long, use D, C, + or -

Column K   Trans Description  35 char long

Where do I send journal uploads?

Send an email with "csv" attachments to: Controllers Office (Cheryl LeBlanc) Journal Entries or Controllers Office (Jean Gross) Journal Entries.


Who do I contact if I forget my Banner password?

Call the help desk at ext. 802-443-2200

I have problems viewing my budget in Banner INB?

If you receive the following message, "User is not authorized to query the entered fund/org", fill out the Banner Online Security form at the below site.


Who do I call if locked out of Banner?

Cheryl LeBlanc at ext. 802-443-5372

How do I get a new Index set up?

Send an email to the Budget Office with the Index, Index Title, and mapping.

Example: Fund-Org-Prog is required, Activity Code and/or Location Code are optional.

How do I get access to Hyperion?

Click on the link below and fill out the Banner online security request.

Fill out only the sections that apply (where access is needed)

Under the section labeled Hyperion Security Information, make sure you select "yes", in addition to which banner area where access is needed.

Note: this is only set up for first time Hyperion users and for access to any additional Hyperion queries.

What happens to assets with cost below capitalization threshold?

Assets that do not meet the monetary threshold listed in the fixed assets policy are expensed in the period incurred.  Threshold is $5,000 or greater.

What is the capitalization threshold for fixed assets?

The standard capitalization threshold for capitalizing assets has been established as $5,000 or greater.  The only exception is land.  The capitalization threshold for land is $0.00

Are Maintenance and repair cost capitalized?

No.  Costs associated with maintenance and repairs are expensed in the period incurred.  Examples are; custodial services, repainting a room, fixing a leaky faucet, and replacing parts to an engine.

How can I get a new Fund-Org-Acct-Actv-Locn-Index (FOAPAL index)?

This needs to be developed.

What are Petty Cash funds?

A supply of cash necessary to make immediate payments for the purchase of authorized items.  Petty cash funds may not be established to circumvent the college's purchasing guidelines.

How do I replace petty cash funds?

The custodian must complete a voucher; sign, date and attach all original receipts.  In addition, provide the account or FOAPAL the purchase(s) is to be expensed against.  The voucher should be submitted to the Controller's Office (accounts payable).

Are petty cash funds subject to reviews?

Yes.  All petty cash funds are subject to unannounced periodic cash counts by the Controller's Office.  Custodians are expected to have the petty cash funds available at all times.

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is the annual charge to income that results from a systematic and rational allocation of cost over the life of the fixed asset.  Depreciation normally begins when an asset is purchased or completed.  If it is not placed into service immediately, depreciation begins when the asset starts to lose value.

How do I set up a petty cash or change fund?

Petty cash or change funds are set up through the Controller's Office (accounts payable).  A voucher will be filled out with the purpose of the funds and how long they are needed.  The voucher will be signed by whomever will be the custodian and their supervisor or budget administrator.  A check will be cut in the custodians name.

Where do I send my journal entries for uploading?

Send your journal entries to the Controller's Office via Jean Gross or Cheryl LeBlanc.

What is a fixed asset?

A tangible asset acquired, purchased, constructed, or donated for use in operations and not for investment or sale.  Their useful life is longer than two years, they retain their individual identity throughout their useful life and meet the below thresholds.

Capitalization threshold for assets = $5,000 or greater.  Capitalization threshold for land is $0.00

Controller's Office
152 Maple Street
Marble Works, Suite G01
Middlebury College
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