How do I get access to a Fund/Org in Banner?

Click on the link below:

Fill out only the sections that apply.

Section:  Banner area where access is needed (not user's dept)

Make sure you check "Finance: Budgets, Grants & Other" for Finance access, as well as any other area you need access. (Human Resources for Time Approver access)

Section:  Finance

Enter the Funds/Orgs or Indexes you need access to in Banner.

Will this user create Requisitions or Purchase Orders in Banner?  This is a one time request for users who need the ability to create Requisitions or Purchase Orders in Banner through forms (this does not need to be checked each time a user requests additional Fund/Org access).

Types of access needed:

    Users who need to see the budget should select "viewing".

    Users creating Requisitions/Purchase Orders should select "both".

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