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Workforce Planning

In 2018, Middlebury committed to a major rethinking of its operations. We call this effort workforce planning, and it is the primary mode through which we will achieve our goal of a more sustainable workplace for our employees and for Middlebury as a whole.

Workforce planning is part of, but is not synonymous with, our goal to achieve greater financial sustainability. Through workforce planning, we seek to identify areas where we can be not only more efficient, but more strategic. We want to emphasize work that is central to our mission as an institution of higher education.

One tool we are using to support workforce planning is an Incentive Separation Plan for staff, which was announced in June 2018.

Middlebury’s workforce planning efforts will continue into early 2019 with a goal of completing the analysis and putting forward a sustainable vision for the future by the spring of that year.

Here is timeline of the process that unfold through the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • August 2018: Defining the future state of our work
  • September 2018: Analyzing our current workforce
  • October 2018: Identifying any gaps
  • December 2018: Preliminary decisions for work/positions that are going away
  • January/mid-February 2019: Vetting and review of those decisions
  • February 2019: Developing a strategy, priorities, and plan
  • March/April 2019: Incentive offers extended
  • April 2019: Implementing our plans