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Heating and Cooling

In support of Middlebury College's Carbon Reduction Resolution
, the standard indoor temperature set point for campus buildings during the heating season is 68° degrees Fahrenheit in residence halls and 72° Fahrenheit in offices and classrooms.

Heating Season – When will the heat be turned on?

There is no annual date to mark the start of the heating season. Weather conditions and indoor temperatures determine the most efficient time to begin heating campus buildings. Start-up of all campus heating systems is a 2 to 3 day process, as it requires visiting each individual building and steam manhole on campus.

Space Heaters

Use of personal space heaters is prohibited. Facilities Services will issue space heaters only in cases of heating system failure.

To Report a Heating Issue:

Students – Please review Dormitory Heating Systems to determine what type of heating system you have in your dorm, and how to operate it. Heating issues should be reported immediately to your FYC, RA, CRA or Commons Office. Before reporting, be sure to:

  • Check the thermostat to make sure it is "on."
  • Make sure that furniture or other objects are not blocking the heater. A blocked heater will greatly reduce the amount of heat that radiates into the room.
  • Be sure that all windows are tightly closed.
  • Note the time of day that the heater was not functioning.
  • Clear a path to your heater so that Facilities Services has room to work.

Faculty/Staff – Please report all heating issues immediately to Facilities Services* at x5472. Non-urgent questions and concerns may be submitted via our online Service Request Form.

* Occupants of the following buildings should report to their designated building manager:

  • Athletic Facilities - Franklin Dean-Farrar x5160
  • Axinn Center - Renee Brown x5124
  • Center for the Arts - Christa Clifford x5222
  • College Library - Joseph Watson x5487
  • McCardell Bicentennial Hall - Cathy Ekstrom x3262

Tenants -Please report all heating issues directly to Facilities Services at 443-5472.

Weekends and After-Hours

Report heating emergencies to Public Safety at 443-5133 and they will contact a service technician.