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Placing a Service Request

Your service request becomes a numbered work order
and is then forwarded to the appropriate trade, or to a manager who can approve the request.

Service requests will be prioritized according to relevance to the academic mission and/or necessity for primary maintenance of campus facilities. Response time will vary dependent upon the complexity of the service required, and availability of materials and labor. For requests requiring particular deadlines or schedule constraints, please provide those details with your request.

Emergency work, i.e., power failure, safety hazard, potential damage to facility or equipment, will be completed same-day whenever possible.

Please do not ask the trades person responding to your service request to perform tasks that were not included in your original request. Please contact the Customer Service Desk to schedule additional work.

Please read on for details on billing and particular types of Service Requests.



Departments must pay for services that are not related to the maintenance of the building, such as the repair or purchase of departmental equipment. All usual and customary maintenance is budgeted by Facilities Services.

Custodial Services

Call 443-5472 for all cleaning concerns, including carpet, upholstery, and interior window cleaning. The Custodial staff is also trained to deal with potential blood borne pathogen exposures.

Our Custodial division adopted Green Cleaning practices in 2005. Learn more.


Facilities Services will make on-campus package deliveries for faculty and staff upon request. Please note: individual packages should not exceed 50 lbs in weight. Same day requests are difficult to honor, so please allow 24 hours notice. Regular mail and inter campus envelopes should be placed in your department's outgoing campus mail box for processing by the Student Mail Center.

Event Set-Ups

Requirements for event set-ups should be given to the Department of Event Management at 443-2885 when reserving a facility for an event.

Key Requests

Department heads or Administrative Assistants should request keys for staff members. Please allow 48 hours for completion. (In September, key requests may require a week to complete.)
Departing employees should return their keys to the Facilities Services Office. Keys may only be passed directly to new employees by sending written notification to the Customer Service Desk at the Service Building. Notification must include:

•  key # (bottom)
•  id # (upper right) of each key
•  name of current/future employees
•  id# of current/future employees

Name Plates

Name plates for desks or doors should be requested in writing. Please specify brown, black, or wood-grain. Requests for the start of the fall semester are handled as part of the annual Office Moves process (please see Office Moves).

Office Moves

Faculty and Staff office moves should be coordinated by your Administrative Assistant. Please note: Contents of file cabinets and most office contents must be boxed prior to your move date. Free used boxes can be obtained from the recycling facility (call x3087 for availability). New boxes can be obtained through your move coordinator.

Please take a moment to review Recycling Tips for Office Moves.

Project Requests

Services beyond "routine and customary" building maintenance may be categorized as Maintenance and Operational Projects.  Project Requests are solicited and reviewed on an annual basis.  For more on Project Requests.

Recycling & Waste Management

Informational questions should be directed to the recycling facility at 443-3087. For special work requests, i.e., file-cleaning projects, office moves, or missed pick-ups, call the recycling facility or the Customer Service Desk (443-5472) to place a service request.

Renovations/Major Maintenance

Requests should be submitted to the Director of Facilities Services. Please review our Project Request process.

Resource Management

Conservation of our natural resources is an important goal of the College. Please report uncomfortable temperatures, wasted energy, water leaks or any condition which contributes to a waste of resources.

Space Heaters and Air Conditioners

Use of personal space heaters is prohibited. Facilities Services will issue space heaters only in case of a heating system failure.

Air conditioners are authorized only when in compliance with the Thermal Comfort Policy in the College Handbook.

Click here to submit an online service request now, or call our Customer Service Desk at 443-5472.