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Middlebury Campus Master Plan

In May, 2008, the Middlebury Board of Trustees approved a master plan for the Vermont campus designed to guide development for the next half century. It was the first long-term master plan in Middlebury's history, and it was developed with a focus on sustainability principles and the understanding that the campus itself is an integral and essential tool to fulfill the institution's academic mission.

In 2017, Middlebury published an "update and retrospective" to the master plan. This document took note of the projects that had been undertaken and completed since 2008—some of which were not anticipated in the master plan.

2008 Master Plan

Each section of the master plan is available in PDF format.

1. Introduction (5.8 MB)

2. Summary (2.5 MB)

3. Background (5.4 MB)

4. The Campus Today (1.4 MB)

5. The Campus Plan (10 MB)

6. Sustainability (0.5 MB)

7. Built Systems (9 MB)

8. Natural Systems (14 MB)
    — Pages 92-95 (8.6 MB)
    — Pages 96-109 (5.8 MB)

9. Social & Academic Programs (3.8 MB)

10. College Policies (0.23 MB)

11. Implementation (0.08 MB)

2017 Master Plan Update and Retrospective

2017 Master Plan (15 MB)