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Applicant FAQ

Below is a listing of frequently asked applicant questions and corresponding answers. Do you have a question that you would like to see answered here? Send an email to:

The system isn't acting as expected. What's the problem?

Check to make sure you are using a supported browser to complete your application. PeopleAdmin currently supports: 

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 8 and 9 
  • Mozilla Firefox® (current version)
  • Apple Safari® (current version) 
  • Google Chrome™ (current version)

If you are not using one of these browsers and are experiencing issues, please be sure to either install a supported browser and version or upgrade your existing browser to a supported version.

If you are using one of these browsers and continue to experience difficulties please contact the Human Resources office at 802.443.5465 or Please be prepared to share error message text and the process that you are attempting to complete so that we can troubleshoot your issue.

The system won't let me submit my application because it says I am missing required information, but I've filled in all the fields. What's wrong?

Several of the pages on the application screen allow you to add multiple entries by clicking an "Add ..... entry" button. However, if you click this button a minimum of one field is required. Therefore, if you click to add an entry and then don't end up adding any information, the system will detect an empty required field. To get rid of this error message, toggle the "Remove Entry" option for the entry that you are not using and click the Save or Next>> button. Then, certify and submit your application to complete this process. When your application is successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email message.

How do I change the cover letter or resume that I uploaded to a position that I've already applied to?

Contact the Human Resources office at 802.443.5465 or to request the ability to update your documents.

I emailed a friend a posting but they didn't receive it. What happened?

Ask your friend to check their email junk folder. If it is in the junk folder, have them move it to their in-box. In my email clients this will "train" your email to redirect messages from PeopleAdmin so that they don't continue to land in your junk folder.

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