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There are two types of holidays: Regular Holidays and Floating Holidays. See the Holidays section of the Employee Handbook.

When a holiday falls on a Saturday it will be observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays falling on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.

What's a Floating Holiday?

Floating holidays include Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Some college offices remain open on floating holidays. Subject to the staffing needs of individual departments, a staff member may or may not be required to work on a floating holiday. Eligible staff who do not work on a floating holiday should report their regularly scheduled hours as CTO. Staff must receive prior approval from their supervisor to work on a floating holiday if their office is closed.

Who's eligible for a Floating Holiday?

Full time and Part time benefits eligible staff are eligible for floating holidays.

How do I enter Floating Holidays in Bannerweb?

All eligible staff enter Floating Holidays as CTO

What's a Regular Holiday?

Regular holidays include New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, and up to 4.5 additional days associated with Christmas and New Year's Day. The schedule will be made available to the college community by Human Resources in the fall of each year. The intent of regular holiday pay is to maintain a staff member's regular pay when their schedule is impacted by office closure.

Who's eligible for Regular Holidays?

Eligibility: Full time and part time benefits eligible staff are eligible for Regular Holidays.

Administration: Eligible Staff will receive holiday pay for the designated regular holidays that fall on their regularly scheduled days of work. For example, if a staff member's regular schedule does not include Friday, they would not be paid for the Friday after Thanksgiving. To do so would effectively pay the staff member more than they would earn in a typical week.

Entering Holiday Time

Specific holiday pay codes are to be used by employees when recording time during designated Regular Holidays. Holiday Pay pays at an employee’s regular rate; Holiday Premium Pay pays time and a half. Supervisors should ensure that employees are entering their time correctly.

1. All benefits-eligible staff should enter time for designated Regular Holidays that fall on their normal work schedule in the row titled "Holiday Pay," whether or not they actually do work that day.

2. In addition all hourly staff should enter hours in the Holiday Premium Pay row for any hours they work on a designated Regular Holiday (salaried staff and Snow Bowl and Rikert seasonal employees are not eligible for Holiday Premium Pay).

3. Hourly, benefits-eligible staff will therefore enter hours in both rows, Holiday Pay and Holiday Premium Pay if they work on a designated Regular Holiday. This results in two and a half times their normal rate of pay.

4. Hourly staff should be careful to enter hours in the correct shift.

Worked on Regular Holiday Did not work on Regular Holiday

Salaried Staff

No action. No action.

Hourly Staff -Benefits-eligible

Enter Holiday Pay for any hours you would normally have worked,
Enter Holiday Premium Pay for the hours you actually worked.*
Enter Holiday Pay for any hours you would normally have worked.

Hourly Staff -Non benefits-eligible

Enter Holiday Premium Pay for the hours you actually worked.* No action.
Snow Bowl and Rikert Seasonal Employees Enter Regular hours for the hours you actually worked* No action.

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