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Medical Leave Assistance Fund

Employees have the opportunity to save accrued time as Sick Leave Reserve (SLR) in anticipation of the unexpected emergency.  However, catastrophic illness is an event for which we are generally unable to plan.  There are times when available Combined Time Off (CTO) and SLR are exhausted before an employee is able to return to work.

At such times, if the employee meets the prerequisites, he/she may make application to the fund for up to 160 hours of paid sick leave reserve within a 12-month period. 

Prerequisites for applying to the fund:

  1. The employee must be employed at the College for six-months.
  2. The employee must be benefits eligible..  
  3. Prior to application to the fund, the employee must have exhausted his/her CTO and SLR. 
  4. During the time away from work, the employee must not be receiving any disability benefits, or other type of College-related payments. 
  5. The employee must have received no warnings or reprimands during the year prior to the request to the Medical Leave Assistance Fund.
Medical Leave Assistance Fund Application

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