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Problem Resolution Resources

Middlebury College has a variety of resources for staff seeking assistance with an employment-related problem.

Human Relations Officer

The Human Relations Officer is the official designated by the President of the College to receive and process complaints of harassment brought by Middlebury College faculty, staff, and students under the College's Anti-Harassment PolicyMore info


The president of the College appoints ombudspersons each year to help employees with problems related to employment at Middlebury College. They are available at all times.  More info.

Staff Appeals

There are times when a staff employee has followed the informal and formal procedures may believe that satisfactory resolution was not attained. Middlebury College established the staff appeals procedures to provide a fair and impartial process of which staff employees under certain conditions may avail themselves to appeal grievance decisions. More info.

Human Resources
Marble Works
152 Maple St.
Suites 101 & 102
Middlebury, VT 05753
Phone: 802-443-5465
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