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The president of the College appoints ombudspersons each year, to help employees with problems related to employment at Middlebury College. They are available at all times. Dealings with ombudspersons are strictly confidential unless an employee agrees to share information in order to resolve a problem. A list of current ombudspersons is available through the Human Resources Office, and is posted on the Human Resources Web site.

The functions of ombudspersons are to:

  • listen
  • provide answers to questions or to assist in finding someone who can
  • analyze situations and identify and evaluate options for responding to them
  • explain College policies and procedures and their application to an individual employee
  • investigate complaints
  • carry complaints forward, if an employee is unable to do so, and to advocate resolution
  • recommend changes when current policy and procedure seem outdated, abusive, inefficient, or arbitrary.
  • Use of an ombudsperson is a first resort when the employee doesn't know where to address a problem or how to approach the appropriate person or committee.

Use of an ombudsperson as a last resort occurs when the employee has worked through all appropriate channels but still feels the problem has not been resolved.

An ombudsperson's help is prompt, impartial, and confidential



Lynn Dunton, Service Building 211 x3085
Term Ending: June 30, 2018

Ryan Clement, Davis Family Library 211 x5493
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

Charlotte Tate, Robert A. Jones '59 House, x5795
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

Solon Coburn, Public Safety, x5584
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

Valerie Costello, FIC Freeman, x5295
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

Caroline Crawford, Kitchel House 205 x0246
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

Martin Beatty, Peterson Family Athletics Complex 291 x5956
Term Ending: June 30, 2020

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