What to do if you are injured at work


In an emergency:

  • Go right to the emergency room - do not stop to contact Human Resources.
  • Call 911 if emergency transport is needed.
  • Be sure to let the hospital billing department know that your injury happened while you were at work.
  • Ask the treating doctor for a written medical release listing any work restrictions you may have.
  • Your supervisor (or co-workers if the supervisor is not available) should contact HR to alert them to your situation.
  • You should contact HR yourself as soon as your medical emergency has been dealt with.

Not an Emergency:

  • Report all injuries to your supervisor right away, no matter how minor the injury appears to be.
  • Come to HR to fill out an Incident/Accident report (or get the reporting forms here) as soon as possible after the incident, but no later than 24 hours afterward.
  • You can let HR know if you would like to seek non-emergency medical treatment for your injury.  If so, HR will make an appointment for you with our Occupational Health Specialist.


When you report an injury or illness you will be asked to complete an Incident/Accident report and medical authorization form and a report of the injury will be made to the State of Vermont, as required by law.  Employees who are under age 18 should have their parent/guardian sign the Medical Authorization form.

Returning to Work

You should not return to work until medically cleared to work.  Please ask your provider for a written release to return to work.  Contact HR and your supervisor for more information.
If you have work restrictions

If your medical provider tells you that you can't do certain things at work, contact Human Resources.  Your supervisor and HR must review the restrictions prior to your return to work.  Your supervisor will consider whether your restrictions can be accommodated in your current job for a temporary period of time.  If your restrictions cannot be accommodated, HR will try and find you a temporary transitional assignment within the College, in keeping with your restrictions.

If you are advised not to work

If a medical provider advises you not to work at all or to work less than your full schedule, you may be eligible to receive worker's compensation wage replacement.  You may also be eligible for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) job protections if you meet eligibility for FMLA.

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