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Hiring a Candidate

Please complete these steps in PeopleAdmin as soon as you are ready to make an offer to a candidate. This process will automate the coordination with our compensation department regarding the job offer amount so you should begin this process as soon as you have identified the candidate, but BEFORE you notify the candidate.

  1. In PA navigate to your applicant records.
  2. Click on the applicant to whom you wish to make an offer. Click on the orange button to “Take Action on Job Application” and select “Recommend for Hire”. Please note that this option is NOT available until the applicant has moved to the status of “Further Consideration”. So if “Recommend for Hire” is not available, select “Further Consideration” and then repeat this step to select “Recommend for Hire”.
  3. You will now view an option to “Start Hiring Proposal”. Click on the link to begin the proposal. When you are prompted to select a position description, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button labeled "Select Position Description" the default entry will be the correct selection.
  4. The hiring proposal will collect info about your new hire to notify Compensation of who you wish to offer the position to. Please note that the hiring manager field should contain the name of the individual (usually yourself) who will complete the negotiation process for the new hire. Once you have completed all the fields. Click the Take Action on Action button from the Summary page and select “Compensation”.
  5. The hiring proposal will now be reviewed by our compensation department. Once their review is complete you will receive an email notification that your hiring proposal is ready for your review. To review, go to your Home tab and select “Hiring Proposals” in the in-box.
  6. Click on the Hiring Proposal that is ready for your review. Click the edit button next to the applicant’s name to view all of the info that is now available to you.  On the offer page you will be able to view the pay rate, along with additional details.  You will also note that several fields are required for you to fill in.
  7. At this point you can either call your candidate to make the offer, or negotiate with compensation if you do not feel that the pay rate is what you had planned to offer.
  • If you wish to negotiate with compensation you can go to the Hiring Proposal Summary page, but first you will still need to fill in all required fields. Please note that you will still be able to edit these fields once you are done negotiating pay. Then click on the Take Action on Hiring Proposal orange button and select “Return (move to compensation)”. In the comments section include details to notify compensation of your concerns.
  • If you make the offer to the candidate, fill in all required fields appropriately and then from the Summary page click the “Take Action on Hiring Proposal” button and select “Offer Accepted (move to Offer Accepted)”.

You will receive an email notification when the hiring proposal has been approved by Employment. 

Notifying Your Other Applicants

To complete the process, close out your posting and notify all applicants that the position has been filled you will just need to confirm that you have assigned a workflow state for all of your candidates. To do this:

  1. In PA go to Postings and select the posting that you wish to close.Select the applicants tab. The only applicant who should display is the new hire (with a workflow state of “Hired”). If you see any other candidates on this page you need to assign a workflow state for them.
  2. To do so: click on the applicant and click the orange button “Take Action on Job Application”. Select the appropriate settings for this applicant. Valid selection options at this point include:
  • Reviewed, Not Selected – applicant will receive a targeted email when employment moves the position to filled
  • Not Interviewed, Not Hired – applicant will receive an immediate email
  • Interviewed, Not Hired – applicant will receive a targeted email when employment moves the position to filled (available when candidate status is Interviewed)
  • Alumni, Not Hired – applicant will receive a targeted email when employment moves the position to filled
  • Employee, Not Hired  - applicant will receive a targeted email when employment moves the position to filled
  • Not Hired, No Email – applicant will not receive an email. Use this option if you personally notify candidates and do NOT want them to also receive an automated email message.

When you have assigned a status for each of your other applicants, please notify your area’s employment specialist or send an email message to Then we can close out your posting. (See also: Updating Applicant Statuses for instructions for how to update applicants as a group.)

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