COVID-19: Essential Information
May I work more than 40 hours per week over the summer?

Student employees may work no more than 40 hours per week, accumulative across all Middlebury College positions.

Overtime may be approved in advance for short term engagements with Orientation, Reunion, SnowBowl, Admissions or other special projects.  Supervisors should contact SEO and their Budget Adminstrator in advance.

If I choose to live off campus can I still participate in the summer meal plan?

Students living off campus may not participate in the meal plan for summer 2021.

Can I remain on campus after my exams?

Decisions regarding housing for summer 2021 are still pending.

If I am working and/or living on campus for the summer must I adhere to the Language Pledge?

“Everyone working on the Middlebury campus in the summer is expected to respect the Language Pledge®. This includes academic year students who are employed by various Middlebury service departments (Library, ITS, Media Services, etc.) and summer research students.  For the duration of the summer, these students play a key role in facilitating the academic program of approximately 1,250 people from all over the world who are here to immerse themselves in language and culture. All Language Schools students have pledged to speak, hear, read, and write only the language they are studying. Language School students (including Middlebury College undergraduate students who are attending) are not permitted to attend social events where English is spoken, nor are they allowed to use English except as required to obtain essential services outside their Schools. We rely on your discretion in using English (conversation, playing radios and stereos, etc.) also in places where you are likely to encounter Language School students—particularly in the dining hall, library, fitness center, pool, and other shared facilities. While we recognize that the responsibility for adhering to the Language Pledge® rests with Language Schools students themselves, you can help them by not initiating any interaction.”  – VP of Language Schools, Schools Abroad, Grad Programs; Professor of German

Can I work remotely from outside the state of Vermont?

Remote work from within the United States is allowed however work from international locations is not permissable.

All remote workers will need to complete a remote work agreement.

Why are Medicare and Social Security being taken out of my paycheck?

During the academic year, students that are enrolled at least half time at Middlebury are exempt from having Medicare or Social Security (also known as FICA) taxes withheld from their earnings as a Middlebury employee. This exemption does NOT apply during breaks lasting 5 or more weeks (summer break).

The first pay period of the summer in which FICA taxes are withheld is pay period 13 (6/03/19 - 6/16/19). This is the first pay period in which Summer Research Assistants can be paid.

Will I get paid for any breaks I take during the day?

According to the Vermont Dept. of Labor's "Can My Employer Do That?" page (link)

"An employer must provide its employees with “reasonable opportunity” to eat and use toilet facilities in order to protect the health and hygiene of the employee.

Federal law mandates that if an employer provides a lunch period, it is counted as “hours worked” and must be paid UNLESS the lunch period lasts at least thirty minutes and the employee is completely uninterrupted and free from work."

Can I choose off campus housing for one employment period and on campus housing for another?

No. Students may choose to either live off campus or request on campus housing. Whatever option the student chooses will apply to the entire summer.

Will the fees for summer housing and meals be automatically deducted from my paychecks?

No, the expectation is that students will make payments bi-weekly with their student employment earnings through BannerWeb or the Cashier’s Office in the Service Building. Students that prefer to pre-pay for room and board can do so with a check (or cash) for the total amount for the summer.  

Can I work while enrolled in the Language Schools?

No, students are not eligible to work while attending the Language Schools because of the intensity of the program and the Language Pledge®.