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2020 Summer Timeline

Additional dates will be added as the Spring Term progresses; be sure to check back frequently!

Wednesday, April 22nd

*5pm deadline for submitting Summer Housing & Employment Agreements to SEO.

Friday, May 8th   


*Confirmation emails sent to every student who submitted a Summer Employment Agreement.  Confirmation email will include information regarding dining plans and housing.

Tuesday, May 21st

*2019-2020 academic year ends.

Wednesday, May 20th

*Summer employment begins.

Tuesday, May 26th

*Summer housing begins.

Monday, June 8th

*Retail Dining locations open.

Monday, June 15th

*Summer meal plan begins.

Sunday, August 2nd 

*Last Day to move into Summer Housing

Friday, August 14th

*Summer meal plan ends.

Wednesday, August 26th

*Summer housing ends.

Friday, August 28th

*Early Arrival begins

Saturday, September 12th

*Summer employment ends.