Financial Aid

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) was developed by the federal government to help students with financial needs pay for their educational expenses. The work-study program consists of part-time employment during the academic year. As part of the Federal Work-Study Program, the government subsidizes a certain percent of the student’s wages and the department or organization is responsible for paying the remainder. Awarded as a part of the financial aid package, work-study awards are dispensed by the Student Financial Services Office per semester. Students who accept this award utilize it through off or on campus employment.  Students may apply for on campus positions throughout the year.  The week before fall classes begin and during the first two weeks of school, students that receive financial aid will have the opportunity to apply for posted jobs on campus. All other students must wait to begin applying until after the third week. After this time period all students can apply.  Financial aid status is not relevant when rehiring students or hiring students for research assistant positions.  Students are directly paid for hours worked through their work-study positions.