Checklist for Foreign National Folders

Note: whenever a document is missing or part of the document, note in the spreadsheet what is missing. E.g., if I-20 is missing, just write “No”. If back page of I-20 is missing, write “only front page”, if signature is missing, write “no signature” in the cell that asks for I-20. All F-students have I-20. A student on a J-visa, has a DS-2019 instead, same rules apply for DS-2019 as I-20. Spreadsheet is located in the orgs/controllers office/windstar folder on ocelot and is called "XXXX International Paperwork Review". XXXX stands for the year.

  1. Check whether have copies of page 1 and 3 of I-20 for F-Student
  2. Check whether have signature from ISSS on I-20
  3. Check date on I-20 against spreadsheet. If different, write in comment section of spreadsheet dates of I-20
  4. Check date on I-20 against Windstar visa, if different, write in comment section that windstar is different.
  5. Check whether have copies of both sides of I-94.
  6. Check whether date on I-94 (date is stamped) is same as on spreadsheet/I-20. If off by just a few days, not a problem. Otherwise, note on spreadsheet
  7. Check whether have copy of picture page of passport
  8. Check whether have copy of visa page of passport (for some countries like China and Afghanistan F-1 visa are only granted for a few month - note if it is expired on spreadsheet, but ok if it is; Canadians don't have a F-1 visa page)
  9. Check whether have Foreign National Information Form (FNIF).
  10. Check whether FNIF is signed and dated.
  11. Check whether most recent visa (based on dates of I-20 or DS-2019 not visa page in passport) on form has same dates (can be off by a few days) as on spreadsheet.
  12. Check whether Windstar Summary Analysis Report is included
  13. Check summary analysis to be with current I-20 dates, if not, print out from windstar/ reprints screen
  14. Check whether have Form W-8BEN
  15. Check whether W-8BEN is signed (original signature, no copy) and dated
  16. Check whether have Form 8233 (not everybody has a form 8233).
  17. If have Form 8233, check whether it was signed (original signature, no copy) and dated on page 2 and page 3 by student and on page 2 by Corinna Noelke or Jean Gross.
  18. Also check whether it has a Social security number on the first page, that part could be blank or could have 444-44-4444, if so, note on spreadsheet “No SSN”
  19. Check whether have Form W-4 (rarely)
  20. If have Form W-4, check whether it was signed (original signature, no copy) and dated.
  21. And check whether it has written on line 6 “NRA”.
  22. Check whether have Form W-9 (rarely)
  23. If have Form W-9, check whether it was signed (original signature, no copy) and dated.
  24. Note whether any other forms are in folder
  25. Write on folder graduation year per spreadsheet and file in alphabetically order for that year.

Faculty / Staff
All of above applies except that we always need a Form W-4 (and remember to check whether it says NRA on line 6, if note note on spreadsheet):

  1. For H-1B the appropriate document is I-797 (copy of first page)
  2. For TN it is I-797 but sometimes they don't have that (copy of first page)
  3. For somebody on OPT, I-20 (with work authorization on top of third page and need first page) and Employment Autorization Card (EAC)  (copy of both sides). Check whether dates of employment are withing dates of card and write down what Category Code EAC has.
  4. For somebody on CPT check whether I-20 has CPT approval with correct dates for employment on top of third page (need also copy of first page) and correct work site (Middlebury College)
  5. For J-1 Teacher, Professor, Short-term Scholar, Research Scholar, check whether DS-2019 has in Box 2 Middlebury College at the sponsor and check the category in Box 4 (Professor vs. Teacher etc.) and make sure Windstar has same category in visa info  (copy of first page)
  6. For somebody on a J-1 student visa from Middlebury College or from different institution needs to have checked whether DS-2019 has Academic Training approval with correct dates for employment (Box 5)  (copy of first page). We also need the authorization letter from the Responsible Officer (RO) of the sponsoring school
  7. There are a lot of other visa categories that allow work - their work authorization would most likely come from an Employment Authorization Card  (copy of both sides). Check whether dates of employment are within dates of card and write down Category code (e.g., C09).

Use this website as a resource to know what document we need!

For scanning purposes use the following order when scanning a complete set of ISSS (visa) documents:

  1. I-20 (front and back) or DS-2019 (or I-797 approval notice for H-1s) – more generally described as the “travel document”;
  2. Passport ID page (and subsequent renewal pages, if necessary)
  3. Current U.S. visa stamp page
  4. Front of I-94 (sometimes this will be copied on the same page as the U.S. visa stamp, which is fine and it does not need to be duplicated)
  5. Back of I-94
  6. Save as ISSS All