End of Payroll Year

Before Running the Start of Year Payroll Process

The following steps need to be done by the Taxmanager before Interface for the first payroll of the first year is ready. Note: These steps need to be taken separately for Middlebury College than for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MII) as they are in separate databases in Windstar and have different payroll dates.

  1. Run Windstar Tax Navigator and in the folder to "Mail Merge Export"
  2. Run"Individual and 1042-S" report. Click on "Export Production Data Now", say "yes" to special fields being exported and choose the current tax year.
  3. Open the excel spreadsheet created - see Mail Merge Export message where the file is located
  4. Check column E "Post Title" and clean up in TaxNavigator if does not make sense
  5. Check column H "Social_Security_Number" for 444-44-4444 numbers, delete in TaxNavigator.
  6. Have student check for people with no SSN in Banner-PPAIDEN to enter SSN in TaxNavigator.
  7. Check column L "Institutional_Indiv_ID". Have student check for ID's in Banner-PPAIDEN
  9. Check column AO "RA_Election" for "True". Review person to see whether that makes sense.
  10. Check column AX "Default_Income_Royalty" for "True" and change in TaxNavigator Def. Income 1 tab in new tax year so that they are not carried forward into the next year even if visa is not current.
  11. Check column BK "Default_Income_Prizes" for "True" and change in TaxNavigator Def. Income 1 in new taxyear. so that they are not carried forward into the next year even if visa is not current.
  12. Check column BY "Use_USA_Adress" and compare to column EX "Target_Departure_Date". Anybody with a Target Departure Date of less than current year plus 2 months, i.e., while reviewing tax year 2009, choose target date is less than 2/29/2010 or equivalent, should be set to "False" - change by going into TaxNavigator to the Foreign Address screen and click on "Use Foreign Address for 1042S Mailer Slip".
  13. Then search for all Target Departure dates greater than 2/28/new year and find all "USA Address" set to "False". Change in TaxNavigator under "USA Address" tab to "Use USA Address for 1042S Mailer Slip".
  14. Check column CM "LPR_Steps" for "True" and see whether this makes sense. If not, ask foreign national and if wrong need to rerun SPT and Analysis and possibly have new documents signed and payroll adjusted.
  15. Check column CO "Refuse_Treaty_Benefit" for "True" and check whether it makes sense. If need to be changed also need to rerun SPT and Analysis and possibly have new documents signed and payroll adjusted.
  16. Check CP "Full_Time_Program" for "False", need to change under "Def. Income 2" in TaxNavigator and rerun everything.
  17. Check column CT "US_Citizen" for "True", need to change under "Country Info" in TaxNavigator if not true and rerun everything.
  18. Check column CZ "State_Work" for states and make sure correct states are used. Might be important for interface to run correctly.
  19. Check column DB "Inst_Refuse_Treaty_Benefit" for "True" and check whether intentional. Copy comment over to general comment section in TaxNavigator in "Comments" tab to preserve information. Decide whether for 2010 to keep refusal or to change.
  20. After all above changes have been done, rerun Mail Merge Export and this report.
  21. Find column FD "IRC_Stat" and filter for RA and RA*.
  22. Then find column FR "TreatyBenefits_Allowed" and filter for "True". For Middlebury have a student check whether we have those W-9 Treaty forms signed for current year on file and they do have a social security number (show in report whether student, faculty, staff, LS, MMLA etc.) If not on file, email individuals to receive form.
  23. In addition filter column EA "Income_Code" for income code 17, 18, and 19.
  24. Check GOAINTL that RTT is set up in the document section for those individuals.
  25. For Monterey, ask Human Resources there to see whether W-9 Treaty for people working are on file.
  26. Filter only column FR "TreatyBenefits_Allowed" for "False" and column FD "IRC_Stat" for RA and RA*. Check that all those people are set up in GOAINTL with RT in the document section (can use Non-US Employee Hyperion Report for this too - see below).
  27. Remove all filters, find column FR "TreatyBenefits_Allowed", set to "True", go to column FS "IRC_Stat" and find all NRAs. Go to column EA "Income_Code" and find all 17, 18, 19.
  28. For Middlebury: have a student check that we have 8233s on file for all those individuals by checking the 8233 faxed folder. If not in there, check the individual's folder, fax, and put copy into 8233 folder. If not find, email individuals to get 8233.
  29. For Monterey: check against audit sheet and ask Human Resources.
  30. Get from Payroll Hyperion report "Non-US Employee" for last payroll of calendar year. Make sure that all employees with citizenship code C or N are in TaxNavigator.
  31. Change description in Occupation 2 field in TaxNavigator to current year Payroll. If individual has worked previously it could be e.g., "2009, 2008, 2007 Payroll".
  32. Check payroll to make sure we gave treaty benefits accordingly to all people with W-9 Treaty on file and did not give it to people without it - indicator should be RTT in the document field.
  33. Check payroll to make sure all people with code RT or RTT were set up with FSS and FME active.
  34. Check payroll to make sure nobody with code RT got treaty benefits
  35. Check whether all 8233 individuals from above who worked got treaty benefits.
  36. Check whether anybody without a SSN or with SSN of 000-00-0000 got treaty benefits. If yes, need to get SSN or treaty benefits need to be removed.