Set up of new International Academic Year Faculty

In order to prevent payment to foreign faculty who are not in the U.S. or are in the U.S. under a visa that has not been sponsored by Middlebury College, we can do the following:

  1. The faculty contract states now that for future employees who are non U.S. citizens and not legal permanent residents, the employment dates will equal the visa status dates and that pay will be distributed accordingly over that (possibly condensed) time period.
  2. HR will ensure that PEAEMPL and NBAJOB dates coincide with visa (GOAINTL) dates and that pay will be paid accordingly over the amount of pay periods available. For these foreign persons the catch up paycheck once they arrive will no longer be issued.
  3. Benefits will start the first of the month after the hire date in PEAEMPL.
  4. HR receives a Hyperion report that alerts them if PEAEMPL/NBAJOB/GOAINTL dates do not coincide for internationals.

This procedure was implemented for starting with the academic year 2007/08 even though the contracts had already been sent out without the additional paragraph.

Status: June 23, 2009