Upcoming Events

Past Event Descriptions

We have worked with faculty, staff, and alumni from both Middlebury College and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, at Monterey to offer engaging lectures at our Middlebury in DC office. Select presentations have also brought together participants from all three locations, thanks to our state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities. Keep reading for highlights of our past events.

Mock Interview Workshop

The members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a Mock Interview Workshop. This event was an opportunity for those involved to acquire valuable skills pertaining to interviews. Middlebury Alumni Matt Groh and John Hedden generously donated their time to conduct the mock interviews and give individualized feedback to each participant.

Tour of the Hill

Members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a tour of Capitol Hill, which was organized by Middlebury alumna Megan McNamara. The event provided alumni and current students with the opportunity to explore the U.S. Capitol.

Field Guide to Careers in the Environment

The members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a event named Field Guide to Careers in the Environment. This event was an opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the environment to learn more about their chosen field, as it featured a lively panel discussion with three MIIS and College alumni who are currently working on environmental issues. Panelists discussed the experiences that shaped their career paths from graduation to their present positions. The alumni panel included:

·      Ayesha Dinshaw

·      Nick Rome

·      Christine Chau

Summer Reception

The Center for Careers & Internships and the Alumni and Parent Programs Office invited Middlebury students who were working in DC to a reception at the DC Office.

Resume Writing

The members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a resume writing workshop organized by Middlebury alumni Kate Earle and Suzy Sterner. This event was an opportunity for the students to learn how to use their resume to tell a narrative that will set them apart in the job market for their target industry. This hands-on workshop provided these students with individualized feedback on their resume including relevant content, organization, and layout. 

Social Event on the National Mall

On July 7th the members of the DC Mentorship Program were invited to partake in a social event organized by Middlebury alumni Peter Baumann and Mahli Brister. The event took place on the National Mall, and provided the opportunity for alumni and current students to meet and interact. Activities included lawn games, football, and other sports.

Middlebury on the Hill

Fellow Middlebury alumni NJ Congressman Frank Pallone ‘73, VA Congresswoman Barbara Comstock ‘81, and NJ Congressman Albio Sires MA'85 spoke to a group of Middlebury Alumni on the Hill.

The Faithful Scribe: A Story of Islam, Pakistan, Family, and War 
Given by Shahan Mufti '03

Shahan Mufti uses the stories of his ancestors, many of whom served as judges and jurists in Muslim sharia courts of South Asia for many centuries, to reveal the deepest roots—real and imagined—of Islamic civilization in Pakistan.

More than a personal history, The Faithful Scribe captures the larger story of the world’s first Islamic democracy, and explains how the state that once promised to bridge Islam and the West is now threatening to crumble under historical and political pressure and why Pakistan’s destiny matters to us all.

Obama's Obstacles - How Will They Affect His Legacy?

Professor Jason Scorse from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, at Monterey discussed Obama's environmental accomplishments to date, along with the institutional reforms needed for the future. Dr. Scorse is the Chair of the International Environmental Policy (IEP) program and the Director of the Center for the Blue Economy.

Middlebury School of the Environment

Professor Stephen Trombulak teaches Environmental and Biosphere Studies at Middlebury College and is the founding director of the Middlebury School of the Environment. He shared the details of the new school to interested students, alumni, and friends of the college just before its Summer 2014 launch.

Field Guide to Careers in the Environment

Six Middlebury College alumni shared their professional experience and expertise with students, alumni, and friends of the college this July. In addition to the audience at our Washington, D.C. office, students from the School for the Environment participated in the panel discussion via video conference.

Inspired by the event, panelist Michael Silberman offers two tips for recent graduates and job seekers on his blog.

China's Sense of Self: Trauma and Triumph

John Berninghausen, Truscott Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies, came to Middlebury College in 1976 to establish the Chinese language program. Over the next 35 years, Professor Berninghausen and his colleagues built a department of national prominence.

Brazil on the Rise

Former New York Times reporter Larry Rohter spoke live from Middlebury College to an audience in DC. Larry Rohter served as a correspondent in Rio de Janeiro for Newsweek for fourteen years and later as The New York Times bureau chief. He is widely considered a top expert on Brazil.

Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson 

Susan Burch is an Associate Professor of American Studies at Middlebury College and co-author of the book Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson. Junius Wilson (1908-2001) spent 76 years at a state mental hospital in North Carolina. He had never been declared insane by a medical professional or found guilty of any criminal charge. Professor Burch signed copies of her book after the event.