Burn Permit

Request for Outside Fire Permit

Individual requesting permit: _________________________________ Date: ______________

ID# ____________________ Phone # _________________ Date Requested: ____________

Location of outside fire: ____________________________Start time: __________ End time: ___________

Commons Dean: _____________________ / Dean of College representative: _______________________
Outdoor fires may be approved for the following locations: Athletics @ Tailgate area; Atwater Dining @ outdoor fireplace; North Campus, north of Pearsons & east of Hadley, and the Garden in Cornwall.
Special permits: sign off by Facilities, DPS & EH&S  and Town Fire Wardens.

The Following conditions must be met:
Person requesting the permit must be present & responsible for attending fire at all times.
Alcohol is not allowed at fires on campus.

Please respect the site

Bring your own clean wood (no pallets,they have nails) and matches.

When water tank is not filled (November - April) bring water to extinguish the fire.

Do not leave garbage on site, take it with you.

Clear the ground of all flammable materials for at least 10 feet around the fire.
Do not locate a fire closer that 50 feet of any structure.
Have fire tools and water supply available (TBD by DPS, FAC or EH&S)
Don't burn on dry or windy days
Don't burn trash, furniture or other non-approved materials.
Make sure fire is 100% out and the coals are cool to the touch, place in a covered metal container.

_____________________________________________________________________                                                 Signature of applicant                                                  Date

Do not write below this line

Permits must be approved by Facilities, Public Safety, Environmental, Health & Safety and a
Commons Dean where applicable. In addition, approval is contingent on weather conditions such as how dry it is and wind, so a permit could be canceled at the last moment.

Middlebury Police 388-3191 (Town) Permit required?   Yes ____________        No ______________

Sophie Esser Calvi 443-5068 (Garden only)                 Yes ____________       No ______________

Town of Cornwall Permit required?   (Garden)              Yes_________________  No ______________

Larry Clark Cornwall Fire Warden, 462-2505


______________________________________                                 ______________________________
Facilities Management                                                                    Commons/ Dean

______________________________________                                 ______________________________

Department of Public Safety                                                                      EH&S


Sophie Esser Calvi, Garden


College Approval is issued to: __________________________________ Date: _____________________

This permit will be approved for ____________________________________________.
Date and time period