Drivers License



(Pease note that this policy is updated regularly .  Please check this site for the most recent update)

Edmund Sullivan
Environmental, Health & Safety

Revised: March 4, 2013       



1.1  Scope

1.2  Policy

1.3  Responsibilities
Department of Public Safety
EH&S Coordinator
Facilities Management (Vehicle Rentals)

2.  Program Requirements

3.  License Information   

4.  Addendum

Safety Workshops

Applying for a Vermont Driver’s License

Golf Carts and Gators

Middlebury College Vehicle Driver's Application

Consent Agreement


Towing Trailers



The purpose of the Middlebury College License Program (MCLP) is to define basic guidelines and responsibilities for driving a College owned, rented or leased motor vehicle.  For the purpose of this policy a vehicle will be any motorized vehicle owned by the College ( 15-passenger van, panel truck, cube/step van, 7-passenger van or car, pickup truck, Tractor/18 wheeler, Gator or Golf Cart, snowmobile, ATV and additional requirements for towing vehicles.  Power utility vehicles and forklifts are not covered under this policy but they do require a College license.

Middlebury College wishes to ensure that any individual driving a College owned, rented or leased vehicle possesses the ability to safely drive and assume responsibility for their passengers and vehicle.  In addition to possessing a valid driver’s license from your state of legal residence, you will be required to consent to a driver’s background check.  A safety workshop is required for all vehicles and a driving orientation for larger vehicles is required in order that you may show your competence.  It should also be understood that your right to drive a Middlebury College vehicle can be revoked at anytime, for just cause.

1.1  SCOPE

This policy shall apply to all faculty, staff , students and volunteers.


An effective (MCLP) Middlebury College License Policy shall be established, implemented, and maintained.


o    Managers/Supervisors/Coaches/Budget Administrators

Understand and ensure full implementation and compliance with the MCLP as it applies to employees, students and volunteers.

Approve all departmental applications for student licenses.

Ensure that only authorized employees and students who have been licensed by the College are
permitted to drive a College owned, rented or leased vehicles.

Ensure that there are enough College licensed individuals to meet your department needs.

The manager/coach/supervisor or budget administrator who reserves a vehicle is responsible for that vehicle. Inspections shall be conducted prior to use and only those licensed/approved by the College may drive the vehicles.

When a vehicle is rented where there will be multiple drivers over a period of time that a log be in the vehicle indicating the drivers during the rental period.  The log should indicate vehicle number, the operator's name, date and times each individual was driving the vehicle.  The log should be made available to Public Safety, EH&S or vehicle rentals on request.

o    Department of Public Safety  (DPS)

Shall verify applicant has a valid state license.

Review campus compliance with the MCLP.

Schedule any driving test that may be required by this policy.

Investigate any accidents or reported incidence involving any College owned, rented or leased 
vehicle.  This would include any property damage caused by a College owned, rented or leased vehicle.

Copies of all accident reports will be forwarded to the Risk Manager and EH&S Coordinator.

At the department’s discretion, conduct an initial driver’s background check for serious
violations.  For the purpose of this  program, we would look at the last three years.

Shall issue a Middlebury License for applicants who meet the requirements of this program.  The 
License shall run concurrent with the applicant’s state license.  DPS needs to verify a 
current state license at time of application.

Maintain/update database of individuals who were issued Middlebury College drivers licenses.

Licenses issued to students will expire on their date of graduation.  Licenses for staff and faculty will expire when they leave the employ of the College.  If either return to the College for any reason within a three year period, their license may be reinstated.  After three years a new application must be submitted.  4/11



* EH&S Coordinator

Shall provide assistance to the Department of Public Safety as may be required to ensure proper 
implementation of this program.

Shall review all accident reports forwarded from DPS and review these accidents
with College officials.

Shall review all accident data in order to ensure that our MCLP is adequate in addressing our 

Shall review this policy and update as needed/ or at least annually.

Shall review and act on any violations of this policy.  Shall notify employee/student supervisor of 
license suspension.

Shall provide appropriate driver training programs

Will provide driver orientation  training for larger vehicles.  Safety workshop must be completed prior to the driver orientation. 

* Employees/Student/Volunteers

Middlebury College employees or students required to drive a College owned, rented or leased 
vehicle must first meet the requirements of this program and obtain a license authorizing the use
of a College vehicle. 

Conditions will include, but not be limited to:

Read and become familiar with this program’s requirements.

Have a valid state driver’s license, and be at least 18 years of age for a passenger car or min-
van.  However, you must have at least 3 years driving experience (valid drivers license)for a 15-passenger van.

If you reside in Vermont you must have a Vermont license within 60 days of residence.  This does not apply to students.

International licenses are good for one year. Since we issue licenses for a student for over  
six months, a US licenses will be required.  (Except: summer school and Canadian students)  
(See 15-passenger Van requirements). 

Valid state licenses are accepted for full time students.

Staff and faculty living in Vermont are required to have a Vermont license after one to six  months of  residence, depending on what state you are from.  You may call the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles  or the EH&S Coordinator for more information.  

Report any state license suspensions.  Driving a College vehicle with a suspended license is 
grounds for dismissal.  

Consent to a driver’s record check.  Middlebury College (and our Insurance Co.) reserves the right 
to conduct periodic driver record checks.  However, it is the driver’s responsibility to report to 
DPS any suspensions.

Successfully complete a safe driving workshop and road test, if required.

Report any moving violations, accidents, or damages, no matter who is at fault.

The vehicle operator must perform daily visual inspection on all College owned, rented or leased
Vehicles prior to initial daily trip.  Any vehicle damage will be assessed to the organization who
previously used the vehicle at the time damage was discovered.

o    Facilities Management  (Vehical Rentals)

Provide a maintenance schedule for all vehicles under their control to the Facilities Mechanic.

Schedule rental vehicle use.  This includes all outside agencies and College owned vehicles.
This does not include airport or final destination rentals.

Verify drivers are authorized by checking their College and State driver’s license each time a College vehicle is picked up.

Ensure every vehicle has an "Accident Reporting form(s)" in the glove box.  The form should be used 
by the driver to record accident facts as soon after the accident as is reasonably feasible.  The 
report should be filed with the College’s Risk Manager.  Provide a snow brush and scraper for all College owned vehicles.


2.    Program Requirements

2.1    Middlebury College wishes to insure that any individual driving a College owned or leased     vehicle possesses the ability to safely drive and assume responsibility for their passengers and vehicle.  In addition we want to ensure that the vehicles we loan to our students, staff and faculty are safe and well maintained.

2.2 Employees and students who receive authorization (License) to operate a College owned, rented
or leased vehicle must drive responsibly and safely.   All motor vehicles regulations (College &  
State) must be followed.

2.3    Prior to moving the vehicle, the driver must conduct a visual check of the vehicle and a manual
check of lights, brakes and other safety features.  Report any dents to vehical rental or heating  plant.
Department vehicle inspections shall be conducted daily by the operators (oil, gas, visual check,
brakes etc.).

2.4    The driver is responsible for passengers.  Make sure everyone uses seat belts anytime the vehicle
is scheduled to leave campus.  Seat belts are required on public roads, this is state law.

2.5 On long trips, we recommend the driver stop for a rest about every two hours, and rotate with another (College licensed)  driver after three hours, if possible, otherwise hourly stops thereafter.  Drivers should avoid driving overnight after working or competing during the previous eight hours.  Don't drive when tired!  There must be someone awake next to the driver at all times (not the back up driver).

2.6 NO alcoholic beverages (open or unopened) are permitted, at any time, in a College owned, leased or  rented vehicle unless approved by the EH&S Coordinator or Food Service Manager.   For example,  transporting a keg of beer by Dining Service Personnel to a social event would be an acceptable reason.

2.7    Applicants must possess the physical ability to safely drive the vehicle(s).

2.8 All vehicles must be properly maintained and inspected with periodic inspections based on usage by the department having responsibility for the vehicle.  Any problems must be reported to the department supervisor so repairs can be made.

2.9  The vehicle shall be used for College business and activities only, not for personal use.

2.10      Any restrictions on state license shall apply to the Middlebury College license (glasses, day 
time driving, etc.).  It is the operator’s responsibility to notify DPS/department or organization 
of any restriction you may have.

2.11    Supervisors and Coaches shall be responsible to verify the type of vehicle(s) the employee/student
is authorized to drive by verifying their Middlebury College license prior to use.  They may also 
verify by  calling DPS.  

2.12  In the event of an accident, the driver is responsible for contacting DPS as soon as possible (by phone) and   for completing the accident report form located in the glove compartment.  This should be given to their immediate supervisor upon returning to the College who shall file it with DPS, Risk Manager and the EH&S Coordinator.

2.13  Smoking is not permitted in any College vehicle at any time. (4/11)

2.14  Students, faculty or staff renting vehicles through Facility Management (Vehicle Rentals) in the  name of the college must possess a College license.

2.15 Vehicle capacity is limited to the number listed in the owner’s manual.  There must be one seat belt  for each passenger.  You cannot exceed the capacity of the vehicle by weight or the number of seat belts.

2.16 The right to drive a College owned or leased vehicle can be suspended for failure to follow these rules.

2.17  It is recommended that drivers of college trucks shall not permit riders in the bed or tailgate of 
an open or enclosed truck where a rider could be ejected from the vehicle in the event of a 
collision, unless:

1) approved by his/her supervisor, and
2) that additional safety considerations are made to insure  that the level of safety required is appropriate for the work being performed.

2.18  Driving personal vehicles on College business, drivers shall follow all mandated rules of the road.  In the event of an accident the vehicle insurance will be the primary insurance, not the College.

2.19  On long trips with more than one van . . . 2-way radios are recommended to be used to
communicate between vehicles.  The trip leader will be in the lead vehicle and will set the pace.    The leader may also  have a Cellular phone in addition to a 2-way radio.  Drivers are not to use phones or radios while driving.  Pull over or let a passenger use the cell phone.
Radio/Phone Exceptions:  Not required on trips under 50 miles.

2.20  Transporting a trailer by any College vehicle is not permitted unless approved by the Risk Manager.  Special permission must be given for drivers to pull a trailer by the Risk Manager or EH&S when on College business. A trailer towing program is available from EH&S.

2.21  The use of Cell Phones by the operator of a vehicle is prohibited.

2.22  During the winter all windows must be free from snow and ice

3. License Information

3.1 Middlebury College License will include the following information:

Operator’s name:     License holder’s name
License number:      The student or employee I.D. (Core) number
Expiration date:       N/A for faculty or staff, since it depends on the expiration of their state license.
Once faculty/staff lives in Vermont 1 to 6 months, a Vermont license is required.
Graduation date for the student. (must still present state license)
Qualified to operate: Vehicle type(s) approved by the Department of Public Safety/EH&S Coordinator
Date of issue:           Date license is issued.
Department:            Employee’s department or students affiliation
Approval signature required for student application by sponsor

College licenses are valid up to three after graduation, retirement, etc.  Anyone returning to the College after 3 years must retake the class.

Drivers must have at least 3 years of driving experience when applying for an over-sized vehicle license,   (15-pass, cube van , step van, panel truck, etc).  Driving experience is based on how long you have had a valid license.

3.2  Recordkeeping

License information will be entered into a database by DPS.

DPS will maintain records of all licenses issued with the above information.  This information  
will be available to Vehicle Rentals, EH&S, Student Affairs, and Heating Plant (for off hours

3.3 License application
A driver’s test may be required for some College owned, leased or rented vehicles.
If you are required to drive a 15-passenger van, step van, cube van or panel truck a driving test and driver’s safety workshop is required.  A 15-passenger van license will be accepted for Suburban, cube van, flat bed truck and step van use.  Driving test for cube vans, flat bed trucks and delivery vans may be conducted by a staff member approved by EH&S.  Passenger cars and mini-vans require taking a defensive driving workshop, no road test is required.  CDL operators must take a workshop but no road orientation is required.  4/11

3.3.1 License Catagory
A regular license is for passenger cars, 7-passenger vans, pickup trucks, Gators, golf carts, lawn mowers.  Defensive driving workshop required. 
A special license is required for the larger 15-passenger vans, cube/step type van and
panel  truck/18 wheeler vehicles.  A safety workshop is required for all and a driving orientation for non-CDL operators.  A towing Safety program is also required for anyone wishing to tow a trailer.

3.3.2 To obtain a license

*  Attend a defensive driving workshop.  Applications will be provided.  You can schedule
By calling EH&S at 5726.
*  If a road test is required, arrangements with EH&S, C-Cal, Facilities or DPS can be made to conduct a 
vehicle orientation.   Arrangements should  be made with Vehicle Rentals (5462) to reserve a 
vehicle  for the orientation.  You must successfully  complete the  safety workshop prior to any road orientation. Contact the EH&S  for more information.
*  The completed application must be returned to DPS before they will issue a driver’s license.
EH&S must sign off on the application that the applicant sucessfully completed the van safety            
workshop before a driving orientation can be administered or license issued.
Driving orientations must be scheduled through the Department of Public Safety, EH&S, C-Cal or Facilities. C-Cal and Facilities would only be responsible for their own staffs/students.


3.3.3 License Suspension

* The right to drive a College owned, rented or leased vehicle may be suspended for just cause by 
The Department of Public Safety, your supervisor, Risk Manager or EH&S.  Just cause would be for violation of this policy or state driving regulations or being involved in an accident.  The Department of Public Safety or EH&S will record all suspensions on the license database.  You must surrender your license to DPS during suspension.
* One may appeal a suspension by submitting a written request for a review to Middlebury College’s 
Risk Manager.  Please state why you feel the suspension was not appropriate.  The appeal must be
submitted within 30 days of the suspension. An extension may be granted by the Risk Manager if 
warranted.  You will be notified within 15 days of receipt of your request if a hearing is granted and 
be notified of the final decision within 15 days of your hearing.
* Since driving a college vehicle is contingent on having a valid state license, you must report any 
suspention to DPS and surrender your Middlebury College license immediately.
* The length of the suspension is at the descretion of EH&S and Risk Management.  Anyone who’s license is suspended must attend another safety workshop prior to reinstatement.
* The right to transport other college employees/students in your personal car for a college sanctioned 
trip would also be denied.     4/11


Safety workshops are required for all new licenses applications.  .

All 15-Passenger/and other large vehicle licenses requirements have been updated.  Anyone who did not successfully complete the safety workshops prior to July 1, 2002 must apply for a new license. 

All Golf Cart, Gator and riding mower operators must attend a defensive driving workshops and obtain a College license.

All new applicants must successfully complete a workshop before a license will be issued.  You may check the Events Calendar for class schedule or EH&S at http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/ehs/training (ext. 5726) 

All questions relating to this program may be directed to Environmental, Health & Safety.

The ADA van is a modified 15-passenger van.  In addition to  attending the 15-passenger van workshop you must attend a Handicap Van Training sesson on how to use the equipment on the van.  This is conducted by the Department of Public Safety.  Aseperate workshop is requird for anyone needing to tow a trailer


The Environmental, Health & Safety Department has information and applications for a Vermont Driver’s License.  International students wishing to obtain a Vermont License may contact the EH&S office for more information. 

International licenses are not valid after one year in Vermont, so we will not issue a College license to any student who does not have a valid driver’s license from the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam or Canada.

Summer school faculty or staff who are in the United States for less than one year at a time are exempt from obtaining a state license when their stay is just for summer school.



















Name of Applicant:  __________________________ Date of Application:_________College I.D.____________
(Please Print)
State of Residence:  __________________________   State License Number:  ____________________

Department/Sponsor:    ________________________________________________

This application is for a:   (   ) new license     (   ) Revision

Have you ever been refused a license (or suspended) by Middlebury College?  _________________.

Have you ever been:  cited for DWI? ________,  cited for speeding in the last 3 years ?  _______.  
involved in an auto accident?  ________.   License suspended? _________.
If you answered yes to any of these questions, provide details on reverse side.

What vehicle license will you be applying for?

Pasenger car, mini van, pick-up truck, gator/golf cart. riding mower, etc.  (    ) Class 1

15 Passenger Van, Cube/Step Van, panel truck, flat bed  (   )  Class 2  Road orientation required

Handicapped van (    ) Class2HCT             Towing (    ) Class 2T    Road test required   

I have read and understand Middlebury College 's policy on driving College owned and leased vehicles and I agree to abide by this policy as a condition of the license.  Furthermore, I agree to not to loan or permit anyone to drive a vehicle assigned to me if they do not possess a College license.   If for any reason my state license is suspended, I agree to surrender my College license to the Middlebury College Department of Public Safety immediately.

Signature of Applicant

Department/Organization:  ____________________________________________________
( Department Organization faculty/Staff  Signature Required for Student Applications)

I have had a valid driver’s license for over three years. ________________________________
( A 3 year license requirement for larger vehicles, class 2)                   (initial)

Applicant successfully completed required defensive driver’s safety workshop on _________________
(Not required for revisions)                                                                           Date    -    EH&S
Applicant successfully completed ADA van required HCT training on  ____________________________
Date - initial

Application :   (    ) Approved   (   ) Disapproved                Driver’s test:  (  ) N/A   (  ) Passed   (  ) Failed

Approved by:  _________________________                       Date:  _____________________________
EH&S/DPS Officer

Rev (3/13)



*I agreed to allow Middlebury College to contact my state motor vehicle department for the purpose of verifying the information on my application.  I understand that this information will be kept confidential and that I may have access to this information.  Middlebury College reserves the right to conduct periodic driver record checks hereafter.

______________________________________                     ___________________________
(Please Print)                                                                         (Date)


Additional Information may be written here/back:

Golf Carts and Gators

The College policy regarding the use of smaller vehicles will be:

1. They will be operated by licensed drivers that have a valid state drivers license. 
2. Drivers must be licensed for at least two years.  High School students may not drive these vehicles.
3. Drivers must attend a defensive driving classes.
4. Drivers must have received driver training specific to the vehicle they will be driving.
5. Department possessing these vehicles are responsible to secure the vehicle and to ensure that unauthorized         persons do not operate them.
6. Departments shall keep a record of those trained and authorized to drive Gators and /or Golf Carts.

7. Special consideration may be given for the Golf Course.  This must be approved by EH&S or the Risk Manager.




We have a limited number of Segway vehicles on campus.  Use of these vehicles will be determined by need and availability.  Protocol and instruction will be determined by the Environmental, Health & Safety Department (EH&S).

1.  All operators must be pre-approved by their department manager.

2. Operators must have a College license and state license.

3. Operators must review the Segway safety video.

4. The operator must be approved by EH&S.

5.The operator must wear a safety helmet approved by EH&S.

6.Cross the street at pedestrian intersections only.

7.Pedestrians have the right-of-way.

8.Operators must successfully pass a practical vehicle orientation.

9.Staff giving test must be approved by EH&S.

10 Segway HT vehicles may only be used during daylight in spring, summer, and fall when the ground is not wet or       slippery.

11. Firrst time operators will use the black key during orientation.

12. The yellow, sidewalk key may be used after operator has completed training and is approved to ride the vehicle.

The red open environment key is not to be used.


Towing a Trailer


Any employee/student required to tow a trailer must successfully complete a Towing a Trailer safety class and be able to show practical knowledge in Towing, backing and connecting a trailer to a tow vehicle.  Only those who can successfully pass the program will be permitted to tow a trailer. Employees with a CDL license with the appropriate license attachments for Towing ( Group A or B ) are exempted from this requirement.  However, employee must provide their CDL to EH&S or the Risk Manager to have their College License updated.

Classes can be scheduled through the EH&S Department by department managers.

You must first obtain a College 15-Passenger driver's license and be recommended by your supervisor, department manager or Faculty/staff student adviser.

Individuals who have been towing prior to August 1st 2011 will have until October 1, 2011 to obtain their College license addendum to tow.  After October 1, 2011 only those approved by the College may tow a trailer owned by Middlebury College.

REV: 9/7/11