Burn Permit Policy

Outside burning in Middlebury requires a permit from the Town of Middlebury as well as from the College.We are very concerned about outside fires and the fact that wind and weather can change at a moments notice.We hope that you will read the permit requirements carefully and be sure to have all parties check off your permit before it can be issues.The permit is good only for the day and time indicated.


Facilities will provide you with a metal trash can, a rake and shovel for you to use to make your area safe and to clean up at the conclusion of your fire.Be sure to douse your fire with water and please do not use the fire extinguisher except in an emergency, Facilities will charge you for recharging it.


The permit is also issued with the condition that you will clean up the fire pit area when done.Put the wet embers, coals into the metal trash can and follow any instruction given to you by facilities.The Middlebury Police Department must be contacted on the day of the burn for final town approval, they may be reached at 388-3191. You must pick up the permit at the Police Station.

For BonFires, you need to contact Chief Cole directly before contacting the Police Department (in Middlebury only).  If you plan to burn at the garden in Cornwall you need to contact the Cornwall Fire Warden directly for a permit on the day of the burn.

Chief Cole (Middlebury F.D.) 989-3334        __________________________

Larry Clark (Cornwall Fire Warden) 462-2505  _________________________

Lisa Burchard,Department of Public Safety      _________________________

Luther Tenny, Facilities Management               _________________________

Environmental, Health & Safety                     __________________________