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First Aid & CPR Certified Employees

Middlebury is fortunate to have many dedicated and motivated employees who obtain certification in first aid and CPR/AED.  The following list shows staff and faculty members who have current certifications.  Names are removed from the list after the second month of expiration.

Need a refresher before your certification expires, or are interested in becoming certified for the first time?  Check out our Training Calendar for upcoming classes!

Andrew Johnson Athletics 10/2015
Noel Warner Athletics 08/2013
Lyn DeGraff College Advancement 04/2016
Chelsea Bergevin Custodial 09/2015
Kimberley Bickham (ERT) Custodial EMT
Heather Brousseau Custodial 03/2016
Daniel Celik Custodial 10/2015
Audrey Cousino Custodial 05/2015
Nicole Duquette Custodial 07/2015
Lynn Eisler-LeBeay  Custodial 05/2015
Glenn Stanley Custodial 07/2016
Kelly Trayah  Custodial    03/2016
Rose Zeno Custodial 07/2016
Gabe Austin Dining/Proctor 05/2015
Ashley Harrington Dining/Proctor 05/2015
Rick Iffland (ERT) Dining/Ross  EMT
Pat McCaffrey Dining 04/2015
Nancy Parsons Grille 03/2016
Linda Williams Atwater 04/2015
Justin Allen (IC/SAR) Facilities/BL 06/2016
Ernest LaFramboise Facilities/BL 11/2014
Darlene Rheaume Facilities/BL 11/2014
Chris Ayers (ERT) Facilities 03/2016
Andrew Bovell Facilities 02/2016
Edward DeMatties (ERT) Facilities 07/2016
Maria Farnsworth (ERT/SAR) Facilities EMT
Ryan Henderson Facilities 04/2015
Cindy Leno Facilities 04/2015
Dean Mantigo Facilities 04/2015
Tim Parsons (ERT/SAR) Facilities 03/2016
John Quelch Facilities 05/2013
Skylar Silloway Facilities 04/2015
Thomas Sullivan (ERT/IC/SAR) Facilities 04/2016
Mike Wakefield (ERT/SAR) Facilities 07/2016
Karen Bartlett Admissions 04/2015
Cynthia Hatch Admissions 07/2015
Charlene Barrett Old Chapel 05/2015
Dean Leary Bookstore 05/2015
Thomas Manley MBH 04/2015
Erin Kilpeck (ERT/SAR) Human Resources EMT
Ed Sullivan (ERT/IC/SAR) Business Services EMT
Nina Wieda Russian/FIC 05/2015
Vijaya Wunnava Economics/Monroe 05/2015
Linda Schiffer Battell/Cook Commons 04/2015
Joani Taylor Carr Hall 05/2015
Megan Battey MCA 09/2015
Jim Dougherty (ERT/IC/SAR) MCA EMT
Missy Thompson MCA 03/2016
Allison Rimmer MCA EMT
Valerie Costello FIC/Reprographics 04/2015
Kim Ammons Library 04/2015
Nathan Burt Library 04/2015
Jamie Carroll (ERT/SAR) Library EMT
Rebekah Irwin Library 04/2015
Linda Knutson Library 04/2015
Janine McDonald Library 04/2015
Shawn O'Neil Library 04/2015
Scott Remick Library 04/2015
Mack Roark Library 04/2015
Wendy Shook Library 04/2015
Julie Tumminia-Tomsuden                                                               Library 04/2015
Joseph Watson Library 04/2015
Shel Sax Library 02/2014
Ashley Bertrand Public Safety 02/2016
Bian Collupy Public Safety 02/2016
Dennis Rheaume (ERT) Public Safety EMT
Susan Stocker Public Safety EMT
John Nuceder (IC/SAR) Snow Bowl 05/2015
Sean Grzyb (ERT/IC/SAR) Snow Bowl EMT
Steve Paquette (ERT/SAR) Snow Bowl EMT
Curt Wemette (ERT) Snow Bowl / Golf Course 04/2015
Laura Bachand Sunderland LS 05/2015
Holly Stark Sunderland LS 04/2015
David Guertin (ERT) Voter EMT
Howie McCausland (ERT) Voter, LIS EMT
Mike Lynch Voter, LIS 04/2015

EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
ERT – Member of Middlebury College’s Emergency Response Team
IC - Member of Middlebury College's Ice Rescue Team
SAR - Member of Middlebury College's Search & Rescue Team

Last updated 6/17/2014