Video Library

Environmental, Health & Safety

Asbestos, Understanding
Biological Hazards                                                                                               13:00
Bloodborne Pathogens
For Commercial and Light Industrial Facilities.  (2)   24:50
For Custodians                                                             17:00

Confined Space:  Understanding Confined Space                     Part 1                   20:00 est.
Confined Space and the First Responder      Part 2                   20:00 est.
Confined Space Technical Rescue                Part 3                   20:00 est.
Confined Space Rescue  (Coastal)                                            31:00
Clearing the Air, Confined Space Entry
Facing The real Dangers of Confined Spaces                            28:49

Construction, American General Contractor’s Series
“In The Trenches” Excavation Safety for Workers                    13:45                           
“Heightened Awareness”  Fall Protection                                   21:41
“Highway Work Zone Safety”                                                    12:00
“Housekeeping On The Job Site”                                               10:00
“On Solid Ground”  Safe Excavation & Trenching                    18:00
“Pave Your Way to Safety” Concrete Paving Safety                  13:30

Defensive Driving:  Backing, Parking and Intersections (DVD)                            20:00
Coaching The Experienced Driver
Coaching The Van Driver 2
Commercial Driving Safety (Trucks & Vans)                        22:00
Defensive Driving tactics                                                       16:00
Driving Safely
Driving Safely in Winter Conditions (DVD)                          20:00
Drive to be the Best
Pre-Trip truck Inspection

FLI Training Programs:
Coaching The Backhoe Operator
Coaching The Experienced Driver
Coaching The Lift Truck Operator                        
Coaching The Van Driver 2

Electrical Safety:  For General Industry
“Electricity, The Unseen Danger”
“ Electrical Safety In Low Voltage Situations

Safety Video Library  (continued)

Ergonomics:          Basics Of Ergonomics                                                                 9:30
Ergosafe                                                                                     13:00
How To Prevent On-The-Job Back Injuries (3)                        18:00
Me and My Back
Office Ergonomics
Posture & Activity
Environmental & Psychosocial
The Right Moves  (Ergonomics)      ITS                                    18:40
The Weakest Link (Repetitive Motion Injury)      ITS               14:00
Repetitive Strain                                                                           5 :00
Safe Lifting
Supervisor’s Guide to Ergonomics                                              21:00
The Lighter Side of Lifting                                                          22:00

Equipment Video’s  (Instructional)
Detector Tubes, Sensidyne/Gastec
Harness Donning, DBI/SALA
Operation & Inspection of Self-Retracting Lifeline, DBI/SALA
Passport Air Monitors, MSA
Power Tool Safety,  Black & Decker
Qualitative Fit Test Kit, MSA
Ventilation Blowers, PELSUE
“It Won’t Happen To Me”  (Newholland) Tractor Safety                16:00 
John Deere: 
Safety First With AMTs           (2)                                                  9:20
Safety First With Gators           (3)                                                12:40
F1145 4WD front Mower Operator                                              17:15

Fire Safety:
Anatomy of a Fire, Factory Mutual              (2)
The Crescent Investigation, Factory Mutual                           26:00
“Charles Last Day”   
Fire Safety in Residence Halls, Univ. of Maine                        8:41
Fire Safety, Fire Extinguishers (Video workshop)                   30:00
Fire Extinguishers, First Line of Defense   
Get Out and Stay Alive, US Fire Administration       (2)         16:08
How fast it Burned, Univ. of Georgia                                       22:00
Ready to Respond, Univ. of Maryland                                      12:25
Trial by Fire, Univ. Southern California                                   20:12
University Housing Fire Solutions, Grinnell
Safety Video Library  (continued)

Using Fire Extinguishers     Set (1of 2 same video)                  13:00
Plan To get Out Alive                 (2 of 2)                                    30:00
When Every Minute Counts, Middlebury College  (DVD)        11:00

Fork Lift Safety:
Fork Lift Safety Operation                                                          22:00
Fork Lift:  Inspection                                                                   19:00

Laboratory Safety Series, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Assessing Risks                                                                           11:12
Chemical Hazards                                                                       10:00
Chemical Storage Hazards                                                          11:00
Emergency Response                                                                  12:00
HIV in The Research Laboratory                                                28:00
Practicing Safe Science                                                               29:10
Radionuclide Hazards                                                                 12:00
Set One          Radionuclide Hazards                                                                 12:00
Chemical Hazards                                                                       10:00
Emergency Response                                                                  12:00
Set Two          Centrifugation  Hazards                                                                9:00
Chemical Storage Hazards                                                          11:00
Glassware Washing Hazards                                                       10:00
Hazard Alert:  laboratory Spills

Controlling Pest & Diseases                                                        60:00
Push Mowers vol.1  (1 of 4)
Riding Mowers vol. 2   (2 of 4)
Tree and Shrub Care
Working with Pesticides vol. 1 (3 of 4)
Working with Pesticides vol. 2  (4 of 4)
Elements of Pruning

Personal Protection Equipment:
Eye Protection                                                                                                           10:00
Noise, Your In Control  (Using Hearing Protection)                                                16:00
Hand Safety, “Two Hands and Ten Fingers”   
Hear Today Gone Tomorrow      
Seeing is Believing  (Eye Care)  ITS
Air Purifying Respirators
Atmosphere Supplying Respirators
We’ve Got You Covered:  Chemical Protective Clothing                                 est. 20:00

Safety Video Library  (continued)

Right-To-Know Series:
5001  Administrator’s Guide                                                                              16:18
5002  Trainer’s Guide                                                                                           9:12
5003  Your Right-To-Know                                                                               12:00
5004  Read That Label                                                                                        18:48
5005  MSDS-Roadmap To Safety                                                                      13:30
Chemical Hazard Communication                                                                      15:47

Preventing Burns and Fires
Preventing Cuts and Lacerations 
Preventing Slips, Falls, and Lifting Injuries
Protecting Yourself and Your Customers
Upright Arial Lifts                                                                                                    10:40
Upright Portable Personnel Lifts                                                                              10:30

Welding Safety
Cutting & Welding, Factory Mutual
Welding:  Physical Hazards
Welding: Health Hazards                                     


“Can Buildings Make You Sick”  NOVA                                                              60:00
Custodians, Loss Prevention (2)                                                                             18:00
It Won’t Happen To Me, Accidents in the Workplace.
Mailroom Protection from Biological Threats, US Postal                                        6:00      
Office Safety Saves                                                                                                  16:00
Personal Responsibility For Safety                                                                          16:00
Slips and Falls, Controlling                                                                                       13:00    
Safety is Your Responsibility (Attitude)   SAFETY SHORTS                                  4:00 Skin Cancer    ITS 
The Mark of the Professional Supervisor             ITS                                              20:00

Medical: First aid/ Adult/Child CPR
BLS for Healthcare Providers  (DVD)
First Aid/CPR for Pediatrics   (DVD)
Set Up to Mass Casualty Incidents  (DVD)
Emergency Childbirth Procedures (for EMS providers)                            24:00