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Photo Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Issues that often prevent a photo from being able to be used for an ID Photo. The link to upload a photo can be found at the bottom of this page. Please take some time to look over this information before uploading your photo. 

For reference purposes:

  • All ID Photos MUST be in .jpg format and 2 MB in size (otherwise known as JPEG)
  • Photos Must be of only yourself - No group photos
  • Photos must have ample space around your head so we can crop them to fit. - Do not crop yourself out of a group photo
  • Photos cannot include hats or sunglasses (however cultural attire is acceptable)

Why can't I crop my own photo?

The ID Photo system requires us to crop each photo individually during the importing process so leaving extra space surrounding the head & shoulders is necessary.  Often times cropped photos are too narrow or not tall enough (do not have enough space around the head/shoulders) for us to use.

How should I "Pose" for my photo?

A Simple head/shoulders shot with a gentle smile is recommended.

Hats, Sunglasses, etc... are not allowed (however cultural attire is).

The form says my photo is too big, what do I do?

The form limits images to 1MB in size to prevent huge images from being uploaded and putting a strain on the system.  If your image is too large, a number of image/photo editing programs have easy to use tools which allow you to re-size your photo.  Also Digital cameras allow you to Adjust the MegaPixel setting.  1MP-3MP is recommended for ID Photos.

How do I know if my photo was received?

When you submit an ID Photo using the online form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the photograph.  You can verify your photo has been submitted by clicking the link in the e-mail and viewing your photograph.

Will I be notified if my photo is not acceptable?

No.  Unfortunately, due to the number of photos that are submitted for IDs, we cannot respond to inquiries about whether or not your photo was acceptable.  If it is similar to the example provided, and meets the requirements, there should be no issues.

How can I convert a photo to a .JPG file / can I just rename one I have?

Simply renaming a RAW, .png or .gif file to .jpg will not convert the file as an image/photo editor needs to be used in order to convert the file to the .jpg format.

Most all Digital cameras, Webcams, & even cell phone cameras by  default take JPG photographs but in the case that you have a photo which  is in a different format, it will need to be converted using an "image  editor".

Where is the online photo submission form? 

You can submit your photo at the bottom of the Middlebury directory, which can be found here: Photo Submission Form

You will need your Middlebury user name, which is usually your email without the