Notification of Missing Students

Middlebury College & Bread Loaf Campus

If a Middlebury College student is missing from Middlebury College or the Bread Loaf campus, immediately report the missing student to the Department of Public Safety: (802) 443-5911. The Department of Public Safety will immediately try to locate the student and notify the police no later than 24 hours from the time of the initial report.  In some circumstances—for example, a reported kidnapping or a missing child—Public Safety will notify the police immediately.  If a student younger than 18 is missing, the College will notify the student’s parents or guardians as soon as practical and no later than 24 hours from the initial report.

Students attending Middlebury College, the Bread Loaf School of English, or the Language Schools at Mills College may designate a confidential contact person in the event they go missing.  The College has a form on BannerWeb (the student self-service) that allows students to register this contact.  BannerWeb maintains the contact person in a confidential area, separate from the student’s emergency contact information.  If a student is missing, authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers will have access to this designated contact and will communicate with the person no later than 24 hours from the initial report.

Middlebury at Mills campus

If a student is missing from the Middlebury at Mills summer Language Schools program, immediately report this to the Mills College Department of Public Safety: (510) 430-5555.