Missing Person

If a Middlebury College student is suspected to be missing from campus, immediately report it to the Department of Public Safety, student life staff member (i.e. commons coordinator, RA, CRA, FYC) Commons Dean or Dean of the College.


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for Middlebury College to respond to and assist with reports of missing students as required under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.  It shall be the policy of the Department of Public Safety to take immediate action to locate a member of the community when informed that a person has been out of contact, cannot be located or is missing.   When appropriate the Department of Public Safety will take initial steps to locate the student before referring the report to the Middlebury Police Department.

Middlebury College has created a Banner web form that gives students the option to register a confidential contact person to be notified in the case that the student is determined to be missing. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers will have access to this information during an investigation.


Any and all reports of missing students shall be directed to the Department of Public Safety (802-443-5133).  An investigation will be initiated to locate the missing student.  The Department of Public Safety and Student Life will gather all essential information about the student from the person making the report and from the students friends and acquaintances.  The information to be obtained includes, but is not limited to, personal description, clothing last worn, locations where student may be, person or witnesses who may have information, vehicle description, information of the physical and mental well-being of the student, up-to-date photographs, and class schedule.

Reports of a missing child will be reported to the Middlebury Police immediately. If the report involves a student, Public Safety shall notify Middlebury Police Department (MPD) after initial attempts to locate the student have been unsuccessful or if the report necessitates immediate police involvement due to circumstances (seen kidnapped; suspect violation of domestic restraining order; etc.). If locating the person could involve other jurisdictions, Public Safety will notify MPD or the other jurisdictions for their assistance.

Public Safety may notify the local police that the student is missing even if the student has not filled out the confidential contact form.

If a student is less than eighteen years of age the College is required to notify the parent or guardian that the student is missing.

When a student has been determined missing the Department of Public Safety shall report the missing student to Middlebury Police.