ID Photo upload

This is the page where ID photos can be uploaded for schools located on the Middlebury VT campus.

Photos submitted will be used for:

  • ID cards
  • Online college directory
  • Photos are also available for use by your commons or summer school for a "New Faces" book (if applicable)

Important Notes:

  • Please add idphotos@middlebury.edu to your spam filter white list/safe list
  • Use the ID number associated with the individual in the photo (Summer schools fac/staff should not use their own # for dependents)
  • Midd students & those with Middlebury e-mail should use their Midd e-mail. (double-check the address before submitting)

** See requirements in the Right Sidebar before uploading a photo. **

Student Information

6 Digit ID number ( i.e. 00 987654 )


E-mail used for application process or for current Midd students/staff, your Midd E-mail account - Please Double-Check for accuracy.

Please Select the appropriate School or Status (such as Faculty/Staff). Please note the differences between academic year and Language schools. DML Students enrolled in a program should chose their Primary Language.

Photo Information

Only .jpg files will be accepted. Please be sure they are 1MB or less.

New Faces & Comments

If your Commons (or individual Language School) chooses to create a "New Faces" book, they may use the photos submitted through this online form. To opt in or out of the new faces book, select the appropriate option below and feel free to comment.