Thank You!

Your request has been submitted.

  • If you have submitted an ID Photo prior to the deadline and it meets the requirements, your ID card should be produced shortly and will be waiting for you when you arrive on campus.
  • If you have submitted the number on the back of your current ID card for reactivation, your card will be active and fully functional by 9am (or the beginning of the Welcome Center) on the day that you are authorized to arrive on campus.
  • If you were unable to submit a photo, you will be provided with a temporary access card and/or the opportunity to have your photo taken at the Department of Public Safety upon arrival.
  • Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions, we cannot verify that a photo has been received or meets the requirements.

Please review the next steps for arriving on Campus:

  • Vehicle Registration - All Vehicles on Campus must be registered.  To Pre-Register your Vehicle:
    1. Log into your Banner Web (SSB) account
    2. Click on the "Personal information" tab
    3. Choose "Register personal vehicle".
    4. Bring your Driver's License & Registration with you to Public Safety for Verification Purposes
    5. Visit http://go.middlebury.edu/parking for all rules, regulations, & printable maps.
    6. Re-Read the parking website every Semester for changes.

    Note:  Vehicle (Re-)Registration must be completed every Academic or Language School year and License & State Registration must be reviewed in person by Public Safety before issuing a permit. (Bring both of these documents with you)

  • Bicycle Registration - All bicycles on campus must be registered.  To pre-register your Bicycle:
    1. Log into your Banner Web (SSB) account
    2. Click on the "Personal information" tab
    3. Choose register your bicycle.
    4. Go to the Student Run Bicycle Shop or to Public Safety to pick up your Bicycle Registration Decal.

    Note:  Bicycle Registration is free and a one-time event/bicycle.

Banner Web Link: http://go.middlebury.edu/bw (Opens in new Window)