Lost & Found (Visitors)

If you have lost an item, please fill out the form below to submit a request to Public Safety & Custodial Services about your missing item.  Contact information and your Item description will be provided to both departments as well as the "building responsible" for starred (*) buildings below in order to attempt to reunite you with your lost possession(s).

Please note that this page is not intended for use by Students, Faculty, or Staff members but for guests/visitors to the college.  College Community members should use the following online form: Lost & Found

Personal & Contact Information

Please include your apt. # street address, town, state, & zip code

Enter your Full 10-digit Cell phone number (If no cell number, enter the best phone number for contact)

Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a copy of this statement form for your own records by e-mail automatically.

Item Information

Describe the Item and location information as best possible.

(Camera, Keys, Etc...)

(Make, Model, Color, any additional descriptive information in regards to the lost item.)


Please select the building (or nearest building) in which the item was last seen.

* - "Starred" buildings have their own lost & found and will be CC'd a copy of this L/F request in an attempt to reunite you with your lost item.