Summer Alcohol Policy & Summer School Party Registration

It is illegal in the State of Vermont for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or drink alcoholic beverages and to supply or sell beverages to someone under the age of 21. Dangerous and/or illegal drinking activities on campus will result in disciplinary proceedings. Violations of alcoholic beverage and party regulations will result in citations, alcohol education, fines, confiscation of alcohol, and disciplinary action, and may lead to suspension or expulsion. Alcohol Policy information can be found in the College Handbook, Language School Handbook.  Information can be found in the Drugs and Alcohol: Policies, Laws, and Resources section of the college handbook.


In order to register a party you need to have gone through the party host workshop.  The workshop is given by the Department of Public Safety.    To sign up for a party host workshop click here.  More information about Party Host responsibilities can be found below.

Party Registration Form (Summer Schools Only)

Summer Schools:

Social functions involving alcohol are permitted for the students of summer Schools under the following conditions:

1. School functions arranged through Dining Events

2. School functions arranged through The Grille

3. Registered private party through Public Safety

To be served alcohol, an approved picture ID is necessary regardless of age. This applies to catered functions, The Grille and private parties.

Beer and wine are the only alcohol that will be served at student functions - no hard liquor.

Private registered party permits may be obtained at the request of a School office to Public Safety 125, So. Main Street. (See clarification of College private party regulations following General Alcohol Regulations.)

General Alcohol Regulations:

Violations of alcoholic beverage and party regulations may result in citations, alcohol education, fines, a loss of hosting privileges, and disciplinary action.

1. Under Vermont law only persons of legal age (21 or older) may consume alcoholic beverages. Legal proof of age, such as a Vermont State driver's license or liquor identification card or a passport, may be required. Middlebury College students are also required to carry Middlebury College identification cards while in possession of alcoholic beverages on the campus or at College-sponsored events.

2. The production, possession, or use of false identification is illegal and may lead to disciplinary proceedings.

3. References to alcohol may not be made in any publicity (e.g., posters, newspaper ads) on campus, except for licensed events under the College's catering permit which may include a reminder to "please bring two forms of ID."

4. Under Vermont law, a person who sells or furnishes alcoholic beverages to an underage person, or enables an underage person to obtain such beverages, may be subject to criminal penalties. Moreover, a person who serves alcohol to someone who then is injured or causes injury to others may be liable for those injuries, if the alcohol was served in circumstances where it was foreseeable that injury might occur. For example, if the host of a party serves alcohol to someone who already is intoxicated, and the intoxicated person has an automobile accident on the way home, the party host, bartender, and/or the person who purchased the alcohol may all be liable for injuries that occur in the accident. Buying for, or serving, an underage person may lead to disciplinary action.

5. Under College regulations, the purchasers of alcoholic beverages, party hosts, and the occupants of residential spaces where parties take place will be responsible for the conduct of individuals who consume the alcohol.

6. Kegs are not permitted.

7. Admittance to events at which alcohol is served is limited to invited guests.

8. In accordance with State law and requirements of the College's liquor license, individuals may not bring alcoholic beverages to catered events. Individuals may not leave a catered event with alcoholic beverages provided at the event.

9. Individuals may not bring unregistered alcoholic beverages to any campus event. Individuals may not leave a registered party with alcoholic beverages provided at the event.

10. Small, informal gatherings held in individual rooms, suites, and small houses occupied by of-age students, at which alcoholic beverages are consumed, do not have to be registered. Please note that residents of the living space will be treated as "party hosts," and therefore assume responsibility for the actions of individuals who drink the provided alcohol. Students are responsible for unregistered gatherings and related activities that occur in their rooms, whether or not they are present. Bear in mind that College policies regarding noise, vandalism, and respect for persons apply to informal gatherings as well as registered parties.

Clarification of College Private Party Regulations for Summer Schools
For private parties, Social Hosts must be a member of the School where the approved party is located. In accordance with Vermont state law, admittance to events at which alcohol is served is limited to invited guests. A guest list must be available at the party upon request by the Department of Public Safety or State Liquor Inspector. This list should be kept at the door.

Private Party Registration and Regulation:
1. Private parties are those parties held in spaces connected to or in residential buildings, such as designated residence hall lounges, where attendance is limited to guests who are notified by individual invitation and the host provides the alcohol. A person who wishes to register a party must reside with the School for which the space is designated. In accordance with Vermont state law, admittance to events at which alcohol is served is limited to invited guests.

2. Private parties must be registered by 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the event.

3. Publicity is not permitted for private parties.

4. Tickets may not be sold, donations may not be solicited, and money may not be collected from guests.

5. Parties may only be registered in approved lounges and designated locations on campus. The amount of alcohol allowed will be determined based on the anticipated attendance and the capacity of the room.
6. Parties may be registered for Friday and Saturday only. The maximum duration of a private party is 4 hours.

7. No kegs are allowed.

Party Host Responsibilities:

1. Party hosts and bartenders must be at least 21 years old and must have completed a College-approved social function workshop in order to register a function. Contact Public Safety to schedule this workshop.

2. Party Hosts and bartenders must be present and may not consume alcohol before or during the party. Hosts may not begin the service of alcoholic beverages until the Public Safety Officer arrives.

3. Party hosts and guests are responsible for abiding by the College's prohibition on smoking in residence halls.

4. Attendance may not exceed the legal capacity of the reserved space. Party hosts are responsible for regulating the number of guests in order to maintain a safe occupancy of the space.

5. There can be one or two Hosts for a party. Both Hosts are responsible for following party regulations.

Bands and DJs

1. Bands and DJs performing at private parties must be registered at the time of the party registration. Bands or amplified music in residential spaces must stop playing by 1:00 a.m.

Alcohol Service

1. Alcoholic beverages may not be served after 1:00 a.m.

2. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be readily and continuously available to guests whenever alcoholic beverages are served.

3. Guests may be served only one drink per visit to the bar.

4. Bring-your-own bottle (BYOB) parties are not permitted. Additional alcohol may not be brought into registered parties or alcohol-free events.


1. The noise ordinance of the town of Middlebury prohibits loud noise or disturbance after 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and after 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights (i.e., Saturday and Sunday mornings). Please note, however, that noise complaints may be registered at any time. Party hosts are responsible for ensuring that party noise is not excessive. Loud music, yelling, and other late-night noise infringe on the rights of neighbors. Guests are responsible for ensuring that while traveling to and from parties they do not disturb neighbors. Violators are subject to fines up to $1000 by the town and penalties imposed by the College, ranging from the loss of party privileges to disciplinary action.


1. Registered spaces must be cleaned by noon of the day after the party, unless otherwise instructed by the School office. Functions in public areas must be cleaned by 8:00 a.m. of the day after the party. If special custodial service is required following a party, the party host will be billed for that service.

Guest list:

1. Guests must be invited with a physical invitation. Email is an acceptable form of invitation as long as the invitee's name is on the email. Guests who are not Middlebury College students must also have a Guest Pass issued by the Department of Public Safety.

2. Understanding that not everyone invited to a party might come, Hosts may invite up to twice the capacity of the space to a function. Example: if the capacity of the space is 30 you may have up to 60 people on the guest list but you may not exceed the capacity of the space at any time. Names of all invitees must be on the guest list.

3. All guests must be named on the Guest List. If the event host has decided to invite guests and allow for their guests to bring an additional guest the party will have a "Plus One" designation. For each guest invited, a space must be provided on the Guest List. Only one additional guest is permitted per invitee.

4. Guest Lists must be typed and available for Public Safety to review at the beginning of the event. Lists may not be altered once the event has begun with the exception of "Plus One" guests.

5. There must be a check-in procedure at the entrance of a party where IDs are checked for name and age.

6. Guest Lists must be available at the entrance of the party at all times.

7. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that the Guest List is used correctly and that all event participants are listed on the Guest List. Everyone at the party must be on the Guest List including the Social Host, guests, house residents, bartenders and non-Middlebury guests.

8. Hosts will keep the Guest List for no less than two weeks after the event.

Student Employees Summer Alcohol Policy:

Student Employees (separate from the Language Schools constituents):

During the summer months private social functions - registered or unregistered - are not permitted.