Summer School Students & Summer Workers

Summer School students and summer workers may only park in the following locations:

  • Q lot (MCA) - sections designated as "S" permit "P" permit or "U" permit parking only
  • R lot (Ridgeline) - all sections except those posted "Language School Faculty/Staff
  • D lot (Atwater A & B) - sections posted "Student Parking"

  • C lot (FIC) - Section posted "Student Parking"

  • E lot (Wright Theater) - all sections posted "Student Parking"

  • X lot (Homestead/Weybrdige) Section posted "Student Parking"

Parking Map

Summer Intern

Intern permit holders may park in the spaces designated for the Language School Student and Summer Worker permit holders and in the following locations:

  • G lot (Twilight)

  • S lot (McCardell Bicentennial Hall) - in spaces that are posted "Commuter Parking Only."

  • E lot (Wright Theater) - in spaces that are posted "Student Commuter Parking."

  • Q lot (MCA) - S Permit, P permit, and U permit parking only and the faculty/staff spaces closes tot he Mahaney Center for the Arts building.¬† (No parking allowed in the F/S spaces closes to Porter Field Road.

 Parking Map