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Parking FAQ

If you cannot find the answer to your question here.  Please contact the Department of Public Safety at 802-443-5133.

Where do I register my car?

The vehicle registration process has changed.

As of December 2018 Middlebury College started using Rydin Permit Express to manage parking permit sales and delivery.  This process no longer uses Banner.

To start the purchasing process, log into

You will need your driver’s license and vehicle registration to complete the process.

I am living off campus, do I need a commuter permit?

Commuter permits are issued to students living a significant distant from campus.   If you are a commuter student and are planning to drive to campus, purchase a permit for the desired period of time according to your class year.  Provide your off campus housing information to the Housing Coordinator.   After the start of the term, the Access and Parking Office along with Public Safety will evaluate the off campus housing list provided by the Housing Coordinator and will determine if a commuter permit will be issued at no additional cost. 

Are the parking rules in effect during breaks? Where do I park?

All traffic and parking rules are in effect during the summer and all breaks. Student vehicles must be parked in student lots. Students who are planning to leave vehicles on campus during the holiday break in December should plan to park the cars in the student sections of the Mahaney Arts Center or Kenyon.

My permit has not been delivered, where can I park?

If you are waiting for your permit to arrive, park your vehicle in the Dragonne Track lot. 

Please contact Public Safety with your name and vehicle description to avoid ticketing.  An email  to is preferred. 

Unreported vehicles left in the Track Lot could be subject to removal and fines. 

Vehicles without permits found parked in any other lot are subject to ticketing and towing. 

Information on parking fines can be found here 

The maximum stay allowed at the Track Lot is 4 days unless written permission is granted by Public Safety. 

Can the cost be reduced if I'm on financial aid and need my car for work or an internship?

The Office of the Dean of the College will consider some exceptions but if funds are limited, you might want to consider options like the College Zip Cars. Keeping a vehicle on the road can be very expensive when considering fuel, insurance, registration and normal wear and tear.

Is the cost reduced if I bring a car later in the term, or have a car for a short time?

The cost of the semester or annual permit is the same during the term. 

 If you are bringing a car for a short period, you can pay for the 2 dollars a day temp permit in 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 day increments.

Will parking permits be required during Winter Term?

Yes. Both fall and spring term permits are valid during Winter Term. Students on campus with a car during Winter Term must have purchased any one of the following: 

Annual, Fall term, Spring term or $2 a day permit for the appropriate number of days. 

What if I have to change vehicles after I’ve purchased the permit?

Please follow the instructions located under Transferring Permits found here.

What if I have to change the license plate (temporary plate or new plate number) after I’ve purchased the permit?

Bring in your original permit and the Department of Public Safety will issue another permit of equal value for no charge.

What do I do if my permit is lost or stolen?

In order to receive a new permit you must file a missing property report with Public Safety.

There is no charge to replace a permit that has been reported lost or stolen.

My friend is leaving campus. Can I use his semester parking permit?

No. Parking permits are not transferable to another person. Parking permits are only valid when purchased from the College. Please notify Public Safety immediately if anyone attempts to sell you a parking permit.

Old plates will be transferred to a new car

Please follow the instructions located under Transferring Permits found here.

If I bring a new vehicle to campus, can I transfer my student permit to the new vehicle?

You can transfer your permit privileges to a new car but not to another student.  Please follow the instructions located under Transferring Permit Privileges found here.

If I have a handicap plate/placard, can I use the handicap spaces on campus?

Yes, you can use the handicap spaces on campus. You will still need to purchase a College parking permit.

If I register on line but decide to leave my car at home, can I get a refund?

Our parking service provider does not allow for refunds.

I have a visitor coming to campus. Do they need a parking permit?

Your visitor needs to register with our online parking service provider at:

After logging in they can purchase a short term permit for $2/day in 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 day increments.  Your guest will be emailed the permit and must print it out on ordinary copier paper, fold it in half, and visibly display it on the dashboard. 

What happens if I do not pay the fee?

Without a valid permit your car will be in violation of the rules and subject to fines and penalties.  You will be responsible for any subsequent towing costs and/or fees.

I am having personal mobility issues, but I do not have an ADA plate. Can I park close to my dorm?

The college does provide some limited enhanced parking options for persons who are experiencing mobility issues.

To be considered for enhanced parking privileges, students need to work with Parton Health Services. Staff should contact Human Resources.

If my vehicle is parked far away from my residence hall at night, are there personal safety measures that I can use?

Our parking lots are well lit and patrolled frequently. Emergency phones located in the parking lots and around campus are marked by a blue light and can be used to request an escort. Press the button, and it will connect to the Department of Public Safety.