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Parking Lots: Sorted by letter designation for Academic Year Terms


Non-designated by letter:

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  Kirk Center and Golf Course lot 
  Student E Permit onlyKDR Lot
  Multiple Permit lotDragone Track lot (near KDR) 
Track Lot Parking
Faculty/Staff & E PermitJewett House LotJewett House Parking
Lots designated by letter:
A-lot Faculty/Staff & VisitorsEmma Willard House (Admissions) 
B-lot Faculty/Staff & VisitorsMeeker House 
C-lot Student S permit, Faculty/Staff & Restricted F/SCoffrin Hall and Freeman International Center C & D Lots
College Park lotFaculty/staff and VisitorCollege Park Lot
D-lot Student S Permit onlyAtwater SuitesC & D Lots
E-lot Faculty/Staff & Restricted F/SAllen, Johnson Memorial Building and Wright Theatre 
F-lot Faculty/Staff & Student T Permits (restricted hours)Library off Storr's Ave. 
G-lot Faculty/Staff & Student T & E Permits (restricted hours)Twilight Hall 
H-lot Faculty/Staff & Visitors.Old Chapel Rd. 
I-lot Faculty/StaffService Building and Centeno House 
J-lot Faculty/StaffStewart Hall 
K-lotResitricted Faculty/StaffRobert A. Jones '59 House 
L-lot Faculty/StaffHillcrest Rd. (along tennis courts) 
M-lot ResitrictedFaculty/StaffFarrell and Chellis Houses 
N-lotResitricted Faculty/StaffProctor Hall and Hillcrest Environmental Center 
O-lot Faculty/Staff & VisitorCollege St. 
P-lot Student T Permit only Perkins and Longwell Houses 
Q-lot Multiple permit lot T, E, S, P, U, LS, LSI, Faculty/Staff & Visitors.  Pay attention to signage. Kevin P. Mahaney '84 Center for the Arts
R-lot Student S, P & E Permits (specific rows only)Modular Houses and Ridgeline Rd. R Lot
S-lot  Faculty/Staff, Visitor & Student T PermitMcCardell Bicentennial Hall 
T-lotField House and Kenyon Arena lots 
U-lot Faculty/StaffFitness Center and CFA loading dock 
X-lot Student E permit onlyWeybridge and Homestead Houses 

Parking lot letter designations

Below is the lists of parking lots sorted by Lot letter(A-lot, etc...) and by location (Admissions Lot).

St. Mary's Church Lot:  This is private property and is authorized only by special parking permit.

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