General Guidelines

The College provides parking privileges to all members of the College Community in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Peripheral parking for students.
  • Spaces within a 5-7 minute walk for faculty and staff.
  • To keep fire lanes clear at all times.
  • To provide a safe environment by prohibiting parking on sides
    of roads, walkways and lawns.
  • To administer all parking regulations through fair, direct and
    unbiased procedures.

All faculty, staff and enrolled students (including students living off campus) are eligible to park on the campus. Parking spots are not guaranteed, even if you have registered your vehicle with Public Safety and the Access and Parking Office.

Students are not allowed to regularly use vehicles registered to College employees without registering the vehicle as a student vehicle and paying the appropriate fee.

The College does not permit student-aid funds to be used to subsidize motor vehicle expenses.

All vehicles must be registered with the Department of Public Safety and the Access and Parking Office and display a valid permit.

Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas in accordance with the displayed parking decal and the parking rules.  Parking spaces are marked with paint, if there are no painted lines, it is not a parking space.  The only exception are gravel parking lots. The parking rules and regulations are in effect at all times throughout the year to include summer, all breaks, weekends and holidays.  The person who registers the vehicle for campus parking is responsible for all operation of the vehicle on campus.

The Department of Public Safety has the responsibility of enforcing campus parking regulations on a 24-hour, 365 days a year basis.

Middlebury College is not responsible for thefts or damage that may occur to an automobile while parked on campus.

Visitors to the campus are expected to park appropriately and are required to have a parking pass if parked overnight. Visitors are considered to be persons (other than current and recent students, staff and faculty) who occasionally visit the campus for pleasure, conferences, or business.  Spaces that are designated by Visitor Parking signs are not to be used by faculty, staff or students.  Any person operating a vehicle registered to a current Middlebury College student or Employee is not eligible for visitor status.  Click here for more information about visitor parking.