COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester


  1. All vehicles must be registered with Middlebury College and display a valid permit.
  2. Temporary parking for student vehicles is located in the Track Lot, 310 Porter Field Road.  Temporary parking is permitted for a total of 4 days.
  3. Parking permits are not transferrable to any other person or to any other vehicle.  Permits cannot be resold.  No person may register a vehicle in their name if the vehicle belongs to any other student, faculty or staff member. 
  4. Outstanding parking violations:  If you have outstanding parking violations from previous years, the system will not allow you to register/purchase a permit until payment has been received.    
  5. Any person giving false information in the registration process will be referred to the Office of Community Standards for appropriate disciplinary action.  Parking privileges will also be revoked.  
  6. Register your vehicle and purchase a parking permit via the parking portal.  This needs to be done each time a permit is purchased. 
  7. All permits will be sent to the mailing address provided at the time of the purchase.  Use your College mailing address in the purchase process.  Permits are not available at the Access and Parking Office in Public Safety.

Faculty/Staff permit:  Please refer to the Faculty/Staff permit section listed on the Parking page sidebar.


2020 Fall Term Permit information:

•    Fall Term permits will go on sale in mid-August 2020. 

•    The cost is $50 if purchased by September 13th. 

•    The permit cost will increase to $65 on September 14th.

•     Fall Term permit will be valid from August 18 - November 20, 2020. 

•     Students will be expected to remove the vehicle from campus at the end of the fall term.

 Note:  Once your housing assignment is live in the system, you will be able to purchase your fall term permit.   

Temp permits:     

  • Cost of $2.00/day
  • Temp permits allow you to park in Student lots only.

Commuter (T) permits:

  • All commuter students must purchase a class year permit.
  • Commuter permits are not issued until the Housing Office has your off-campus housing information entered in StarRez.
  • Commuter permits are issued only to students living a significant distant from campus.  
  • If DPS determines that you qualify for a commuter permit, it will be issued at no additional cost. 

Transferring Permit Privileges:

  • Occasionally a student will need to swap a car and request the transfer their parking privileges.  This can be done with the permission of the Access and Parking Office. 
  • Students may have only one vehicle on campus at a time, and all vehicles must have a valid permit.
  • Contact the Access and Parking Office at to arrange an appointment date/time to discuss the process for the permit transfer.


Parking Areas:

Permit Types for Students  click here