All vehicles must be registered with Middlebury College and display a valid permit.

Temporary Parking for Student Vehicles that have not yet received a parking permit is located in the Track Lot, 310 Porter Field Road. 

Vehicles without parking permits may not be parked at the Track Lot for more than 4 days.

Parking Permit Registration and Payment Deadlines

The Access and Parking, office located at the Department of Public Safety, oversees the issuance of parking permits. In order to manage our operations and workforce, students need to register and purchase permits by the deadlines.

Parking permits are not transferrable to any other person or to any other vehicle.  Permits cannot be resold.  No person may register a vehicle in their name which belongs to any other student, faculty or staff member.  Any person giving false information when registering a vehicle is subject to appropriate disciplinary action and revocation of their parking permit and related parking privileges. 

Faculty/Staff permit:

Please refer to the Faculty/Staff permit section listed on the Parking page sidebar.


Purchasing an academic term Student Permit:

1. Register your vehicle and purchase a parking permit via the parking portal.  This needs to be done each time a permit is purchased. 

2. Permits will be sent to student mailboxes and will not be availble for pick up at the Access and Parking Office.

Permit prices

After December 1   $65 for full year
Temp permits                                              $2.00/day

Temp permits allow you to park in Student lots only. 

Purchasing a Summer Term Student Permit:

1. Register your vehicle and purchase a parking permit via the parking portal This needs to be done each time a permit is purchased. 

Summer Term permits can be purchased between the below dates.

Summer Programs, Summer Workers & Summer Interns

April 15 - May 31                                           $25.00
After May 31                                                  $35.00
Temporary Permit                                           $2.00 per day

Transferring Permit Privileges:

General Guidelines to Transferring Permit Privileges

Students can transfer their parking privileges to an alternate vehicle with permission from the Access and Parking Office or from the Department Public Safety.
  • Students may have only one vehicle on campus at a time, and all vehicles must have a valid permit.
  • You will need to stop into the Access and Parking Office during business hours.  Bring the following information: vehicle registration for the new permit, valid driver's license and Middlebury ID Card.
  • There is currently no cost associated with the transfer of privileges.   Permits cannot be reused, so a new permit will be issued to the alternate vehicle.  The initial permit will be deactivated in the system, and any use of a deactivated permit will result in violations and fines.

Parking Areas:

Permit Types for Students  click here