Robert Keren

News Editor

Phone: work802.443.2095
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News editor Robert Keren writes stories about the remarkable lives of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. With pen and camera he has posted coverage about the chemistry professor who converts used vegetable oil into biodiesel, the student EMT corps, the class in "turbo" German, and what transpires at the Snow Bowl in summer. (Hint: It’s a “Mountain of Work.”) He also covers lectures, panels, and campus events for print and Web.

Robert arrived at Middlebury in 1997, and for the next nine years he directed the marketing and communications for the Language Schools and Schools Abroad. He helped launch the Portuguese School, the M.A. in Chinese, and the School in Latin America, and he coined the tagline “No English Spoken Here." From 2006 to 2010 he directed internal communications and community relations at the College.

Born in New York City, Robert grew up working as a vendor at Madison Square Garden and Shea Stadium. After graduating from Hamilton College he was a newspaper reporter and photographer for 11 years before making the shift to college communications.