Corporate and Foundation Relations

The mission of Corporate and Foundation Relations (C&FR) is to obtain philanthropic support for College initiatives through the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of foundations, corporations, and government agencies. To do this, the office will proactively seek grants and gifts to support priority programs defined by senior leadership, while being opportunistic and agile in supporting other initiatives and programs.

There are many ways for corporations and foundations to support Middlebury’s mission to provide students with the best education possible, such as providing support for:

  • Academic programs
  • Student life initiatives
  • Facilities and Equipment support and donations
  • Scholarships
  • Consortial initiatives

We invite foundations and corporations to peruse our academic department websites to see the exciting and novel programs offered at Middlebury; many of these initiatives would not be possible without external support. Some examples of grant supported programs include:

Bread Loaf Teacher Network - A network of teachers educated at Bread Loaf School of English and supported during the academic year by Bread Loaf staff and faculty. The Network’s primary goal is to encourage year-round collaboration among Bread Loaf teachers, faculty, and their students on innovative online projects designed to promote culturally sensitive and transformative literacy; learn about the Bread Loaf Teacher Network here.

C3 – Creating Connections Consortium - A partnership to strengthen diversity and innovation through enhanced interactions between liberal arts colleges and research universities. A three-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation enables the member-schools of the Liberal Arts Diversity Officers Organization (LADO) to establish a formalized, reciprocal relationship with the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University. The grant will enable five strategies for developing diverse and talented candidates (students and faculty).

Language in Motion – The five-year Language in Motion program, funded by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, provides the opportunity for Middlebury students who have studied abroad, those who are senior-level language learners, and Middlebury’s international students to find meaningful ways to share their international experiences with others. LiM offers an opportunity for such students to reflect on life and culture in other countries and to share their foreign language skills with local teachers and students who are eager to learn about the world outside of rural Vermont.

Please contact us for more information or discuss exciting funding opportunities that align with your foundation or corporate philanthropic interests.