Where can I get help filling out the forms for my grant proposal?

A lot of the information you need to fill out forms (Middlebury’s F&A rate, DUNS and EIN numbers, etc.) is on this page or can be reached via the links you’ll find there. If you’re still stuck, contact us.


Who’s Middlebury’s Authorized Organizational Representative?

Our Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) is the Director of Grants & Contract Administration (or a person designated to act in his stead). To be sure you name the right person on the form, check here.


What’s Middlebury’s Tax Identification Number?

Our tax ID number, also known as our Employer Identification Number (EIN), can be found here.


Where do I get the NIH (NSF, NEH, etc.) forms I need to submit with my proposal?

At the sponsor’s website. If you can’t find them there, or you’re not sure they’re the right ones, call us.


Can I use the same NIH (NSF, NEH, etc.) forms I used last year for this year’s proposal?

Perhaps, but we strongly recommend that you don’t! Sponsors constantly update their programs, and forms often change with these updates. If you use the wrong forms, your proposal may be returned without review. To be 100% certain you’re using the right forms for the current funding opportunity, download the latest version from the sponsor’s website.


What’s a “blue sheet”? Where can I get one?

The blue sheet is the College’s Grant Proposal Endorsement Form, which certifies for the Director of Grants & Contract Administration that your budget and draft proposal have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate College personnel. You can download it here. If you prefer to get a hard copy, please contact us.


Do I have the most recent version of the blue sheet?

Yes, if it looks exactly like the one you can download here. This form changes from time to time, so don’t use the one you downloaded last year—download a new one!


I’m just revising my budget – do I need a blue sheet?

Whose signatures do I need on the blue sheet for a budget revision?

You need signatures from anyone who needs to know about revisions that entail additional or changed equipment, revised cost-share, major changes in scope, or changes in other compliance requirements. For more details, click here.


My department chair isn’t available to sign my blue sheet – can someone else sign it?

Yes, an appropriate senior academic administrator can sign in lieu of your department chair. Usually that’s the Dean of Faculty Development and Research. If you’re in doubt, or the DFDR isn’t available, contact us.


My question isn’t on this page!

Email it to us, so we can answer you—and use your question to improve this website. Thanks!