Faculty Grants 1997-1998

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.



Faculty Member


Project Description or Title

Biology Bult, Abel NIH-AREA

Research that will contribute to the understanding of circadian rhythms in mammals

  Lloyd, Andrea NSF

Climate and the expansion of the boreal forest at latitudinal treeline (in Alaska)

  Lloyd, Andrea VT-EPSCoR Long-term forest dynamics in an uncut forest fragment in central Vermont (Battell Forest)
  Sheldon, Sallie Lake Quabog Association

Weevil addition to Lake Quabog, Massachusetts

  Sheldon, Sallie Lake Garfield Association

Weevil addition to Lake Garfield, Massachusetts

  Spatafora, Grace NIH-FIRST

Study of intracellular polysaccharide accumulation in Streptococcus mutans, the principal causative agent of human dental cavities

  Spatafora, Grace NIH-Small Grant

Investigating a role for iron in Streptococcus mutans-induced disease

  Trombulak, Stephen Lintilhac Foundation

Inventory and Monitoring of Vermont Reptiles and Amphibians

  Trombulak, Stephen NECUSE Research equipment for the environmental science program
  Watters, Christopher NSF-ROA Regulation of Calcium Entry in Cerebral Arteries (research with a colleague at UVM)

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Byers, Jeffrey Pfizer Inc.

Student research project, "Radical Aromatic Substitution at Arene Chromium Complexes"

  Byers, Jeffrey NSF-RUI; Petroleum Research Fund

Research related to compounds that exhibit analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

  Landino, Lisa

American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Funding to attend session on Biochemical Education at ASBMB meeting

  Landino, Lisa VT-EPSCoR Detection and Consequences of Oxidative Damage to Microtubule Proteins
Chinese Moran, Thomas Center for Chinese Studies

Research in China titled, "The Literature of Return: Landscape and Memory in Modern Chinese Literature"

French Schwartz, Paula Fulbright Scholar Program

Research in France titled, "Gender, Politics, and Memory"

Geology Manley, Patricia NSF-ROA Research with a colleague at University of California related to tectonic evolution of the Pacific-Australian-Antarctic Plate Circuit
History Hart, William Center for the Study of American Religion (Princeton); Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Knowledge, Identity, and Religious Change Among the Enslaved in 18th Century New York City

  Hart, William The Boston Athenaeum

For the Good of Our Souls: Mohawk Authority, Accommodation, and Resistance to Protestant Evangelism, 1700-1780

History of Art & Architecture Atherton, Cynthia NEH Fellowship

Research in India on the temple arts related to Krishna worship

  Croft, Parker Vermont Arts Endowment

Production of artwork for an exhibit titled, "Folded Light"

Interdepartmental: Physics/Geology Prigo, Robert Vermont Dept. of Education

An institute for pre-college teachers—Wind, Water and Ice: Lake Champlain and its Basin

Japanese Cavanaugh, Carole Japan Foundation (Dartmouth)

A symposium on Japanese film and narrative, held at Middlebury and Dartmouth

  Stahl, David Associated Kyoto Program at Doshisha University

Research in Japan titled, "Ooka Shohei's Writings on the Pacific War"

Math & Computer Science Dickerson, Matthew NSF-ROA

Research with a colleague from Johns Hopkins studying efficiently computable techniques for determining if a manufactured object meets tolerance specifications

  Peterson, William NECUSE

Workshop for Isolated Statisticians in New England (NEISM meeting)

  Scharstein, Daniel VT-EPSCoR

Study of the sensitivity of stereo vision algorithms to unmodeled imperfections in their input data

Physics Winkler, Frank NASA

Observing time on the ROSAT telescope to study Super Nova 1006

  Wolfson, Richard NASA

Mass Ejections from the Solar Corona

Political Science Leng, Russell NSF-International

A planning visit to New Zealand to initiate an investigation of mediation in militarized crises

  Williams, Mark Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Research in Latin America titled, "Political Stability and Institutional Change"

Psychology Velez-Blasini, Carlos Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Alcohol Expectancies, Acculturation, and Postdrinking Sexual Inferences Among Native and Mainland Puerto Rican and U.S. Samples

Theatre/Film/Dance Olsen, Andrea American Council of Learned Societies

Body and Earth: Contemplative Practice in Education (course development)