Faculty Grants 1998-1999

During the 1998-1999 fiscal year, 27 faculty members were once again awarded over $1 million for a total of 33 grants and fellowships to support their research and other projects. Faculty receiving grants represent 13 of the College's academic departments, including all the departments in the Natural Sciences Division. The grants will support 35 students over the next few years as well as travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, publication costs, and other project expenses. Twelve of the grants provide some support for faculty leaves and six include funding for scientific equipment. About one-fifth of the faculty submitted at least one grant proposal – and half of those submitting proposals received at least one grant.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.


Faculty Member


Project Description or Title

American Literature & Civilization

Nash, William

NEH-Fellowship Chicago's Legacy: An African American Literacy History


Trombulak, Stephen

Central Vermont Public Service

Reptile and Amphibian Coverage Mapping

  Trombulak, Stephen USDA Forest Service-GMNF-renewal

Amphibian Monitoring at Lye Brook


Young, Helen

NSF-ROA (UVM); VT-EPSCoR Nectar-robbing in Impatiens capensis and I. Pallida

Dick, Matthew


Molecular Phylogeny of Gymnolaemate Bryozoans

  Dick, Matthew Smithsonian Institution Molecular Phylogeny of Tropical American Cupuladriid Bryozoans

Lloyd, Andrea


Developing a community outreach program on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska

  Lloyd, Andrea NSF (University of Alaska) Interaction with multiple disturbances with climate in Alaskan Boreal Forests

Root, Thomas

USDA Forest Service-GMNF-renewal

Amphibian Monitoring at Lye Brook Wilderness and Comparison Sites

  Sheldon, Sallie

USGS (Vermont Water Resources Center)

Viability of the Seedbank Under Milfoil

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Bunt, Richard

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

The Mechanism of Base Flipping in DNA Repair Enzymes


Landino, Lisa


Peroxynitrite Damage to Microtubule Proteins

  Landino, Lisa Research Corporation

Detection and Consequences of Peroxynitrite Damage to Microtubule Proteins


Moran, Thomas

Center for Chinese Studies

The Literature of Return


Adler, Eve

Department of Education: Fulbright-Hayes

Russia, Classical Philosophy, and Western Civilization


Kramer, Katie

Vermont Arts Council

Novel in Progress


Ryan, Peter

EPA (Monranr Tech)

Water Issues and Mining - Native American Lands


Manley, Patricia


South Main Lake Hydrodynamics


Zupan, Patricia

NEH-Summer Seminar

The Marvels of Rome

Math & Computer Science

Huang, Timothy


Object Identification in Intelligent Systems


Briggs, Amy


Geometric Algorithms for Landmark-Based Mobile Robot Navigation

Physics Winkler, Frank NASA

Probing the Synchrotron Origin of X-Rays & Measuring Proper Motions


Wolfson, Richard

NASA Coronal Mass Ejections and Large Scale Evolution of the Solar Corona (3rd Year)

Watson, Susan


Ultra-Sensitive Mechanical Oscillator Study of Thin Film Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors Near the Metal-Insulator Transition

Prigo, R.,
Ratciff, S.

Vermont Department of Education An Introduction to the Universive and the Physics of Motion

Wolfson, Richard

Yohkoh Collaboration

Sun, Earth, and a Touch of Einstein

Political Science

Cason, Jeffrey


Visions of Integration: The Political Economy of South American Economic Unions

Smith, Mitchell

Jean Monnet Fellowship

Fellowship at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy


McCauley, Michelle


Development of Video Stimulus Materials For Assessing Decision Making


Andreu, Alicia


Spanish Facist Women Writers and the Novela Rosa, 1936-1950