Faculty Grants 2002-2003

During the 2002-2003 fiscal year faculty members were once again awarded over $1 million from government agencies and private sponsors to support their research and other projects; 37 faculty members received a total of 44 grants and fellowships.  In addition, faculty efforts resulted in two institutional grants to support the academic program.  These faculty members represent 16 of the College's academic departments, including all the departments in the Natural Sciences Division.  The grants will support  more than 35 student/faculty collaborations over the next few years as well as travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, publication costs and other project expenses.  Twenty-two of the grants provide some support for faculty leaves and eight faculty grants include funding for scientific equipment.  More than 20% of the faculty submitted at least one grant proposal; over half of those submitting proposals received at least one grant.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.


Faculty Member


Project Description or Title


Watters, Christopher

Fulbright Scholar Program

Instruction in Molecular Biology and Curricular Revision at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia & Development of Case Studies in Nutrition and Disease

Parfitt, David

Humana Foundation

Winter Term Course in Romania


Root, Thomas

Lintilhac Foundation, Inc.

Reptile and Amphibian Inventory and Monitoring, 2002-2003

Helmreich, Dana

NIH Stressor Controllability and Neuroendocrine Systems

Spatafora, Grace

NIH Regulation of Streptococcus mutans Virulence by covR/S

Dick, Matthew

NSF Acquisition of DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Instrumentation for Research and Undergraduate Training in Biology

Root, Thomas

Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas

Parfitt, David

VGN Rearing and Genetic Interactions on Mouse Social Behavior

Spatafora, Grace

VGN Identification of a Streptoccus mutans Iron Stimulon by Microarray Analysis

Watters, Christopher

VGN Improving High Contact/Resolution Light Microscopy (equipment)

Young, Helen

VGN The relative roles of honeybees and bumblebees in the pollination of a native herb
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Bunt, Richard

NIH Mechanisam of Base-Flipping by DNA Modifying Enzymes

Choi, Sunhee

NSF-ROA Mechanism of Nucleic Acid Oxidation and Cross-linking

Larrabee, James

VGN Zebra Mussels as Monitors of Trace Metals in the Water Column of Lake Champlain

Sontum, Steven

VGN Development of Force Fields for Knowledge-base prediction of protein folding

Byers, Jeffrey

VT-EPSCoR Radical Reactions of Cyclobutadiene Iron Tricarbonyl

Carpenter, Jeffrey

MacArthur Foundation:  Fairness & Preferences Working Group

Veloproductivity:  production experiments with bicycle messengers in Switzerland and the U.S.

Pyle, William

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research

The Evolution and Role of Business Associations in Post-Soviet Russia

Sfyroeras, Pavlos

Center for Hellenic Studies

The Feast of Poetry:  Sacrifice and Performance in Aristophanic Comedy

Isham, Jonathan

VT-EPSCoR The Transformation of Land-Based Social Capital

Pyle, William

William Davidson Institute

Role of Business Associations in Post-Soviet Russia

Cohen, Robert

Guggenheim Foundation

Fiction writing fellowship

Billings, Timothy

NEH Bilingual Critical Edition of Victor Segalen's French/Chinese Poetry: Steles (1914)

Nelson, Peter

Center for Retirement Research  at Boston College

Age-cohort effects on metropolitan and nonmetropolitan population and income flows, 1975-2000

Nelson, Peter

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Boom! Bust! Echo! Age Cohort Effects on Nonmetropolitan Migration, 1975-2000

Manley, Patricia

Lintilhac Foundation, Inc.

Research Supplement: Side-scan sonar cable

Manley, Patricia

Lintilhac Foundation, Inc.

Research Equipment: Particle Size Analyzer


Manley, Thomas

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Lagrangian Drifters Program

Manley, Patricia


Collaborative Research: SHALDRIL, A Demonstration Drilling Cruise to the James Ross Basin


West, David

NSF The Role of Orogen Parallel Fault Systems in the Exhumation of a Convergent Orogen

Ryan, Peter

NYCO Minerals, Inc.

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Amphibole Contaminants in Wollastonite

Matthias, Bettina

Austrian Government—Werfel Grant

Check in to Tell a Story:  The Hotel as Literary Space of Choice in Modern German Literature

Tropp, Jacob

American Philosophical Society—Franklin Grant

Conserving "Native" lands:  Official Environmentalism in Brisish Colonial Africa and the American Southwest

Barrow, Ian

Fulbright Scholar Program

Research in India: India: 1799


Wyatt, Don

Institute for Advanced Study

Confucius in the Chinese Post-Marxist Age

Lamberti, Marjorie

Rockefeller Archive Center

Living in Two Cultures:  Refugee Political Scholars from Nazi Germany in America
History of Art & Architecture

Broucke, Pieter

Parnassus Foundation

The Messene Heroon Reconstruction Project
Mathematics & Computer Science

Martin, Robert

Hewlett Packard

Computer Architecture and IA64 Assembly Language

Grasswick, Heidi


Summer Seminar Participant: Feminist Epistemologies


Watson, Susan

NSF-NIRT (Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams) Nanotube and Nanowire Based Quantum Computation

Graham, Noah

VT-EPSCoR Searching for Quantum-Stabilized Solitons and Efficient Algorithms in Quantum Computing

Velez, Carlos

VGN A pilot study of the effects of alcohol on sex and sexual risk taking among college students using an internet-based survey to collect daily self-reports

Hofer, Barbara

VT-EPSCoR Stressor "How Do I Know What to Believe?"  Epistemic Metacognition during Online Science Learning
Political Science

Bleich, Erik

German Marshall Fund of the U.S.

The Politics of Hate: Criminalizing Racial Hatred

Pekkanen, Saadia

Social Science Research Council

National Courts and the Rule of WTO Law in the U.S., Europe and Japan

Sasson, Theodore


Summer Seminar Participant: Punishment, Politics and Culture