Faculty Grants 2003-2004

During the 2003-2004  fiscal year, 32 faculty members were awarded over $1.3 million from government agencies and private sponsors, for a total of 44 grants and fellowships in support of their research and other projects. In addition, faculty efforts resulted in four institutional grants to support the academic program. The grants will support more than 35 student/faculty collaborations over the next few years as well as travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, publication costs and other project expenses. Ten of the grants provide some support for faculty leaves and ten faculty grants included funding for scientific equipment. Approximately 27% of the undergraduate faculty submitted at least one grant proposal last year; nearly half of those submitting proposals received at least one grant.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.


Faculty Member


Project Description or Title


Kavaler, Joshua


The Activity of dPax2 in Glial Cell Differentiation

Root, Thomas

Sweetwater Trust

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas

Root, Thomas

VGN Characterization of Tarsal Sensilla of the Scorpion Pandinuis imperator

Sheldon, Sallie

VGN Developing Field Techniques to Remove Invertebrate Herbivories

Ward, Jeremy


Research Equipment: The Identification of Mammalian Reproductive Genes


Ward, Jeremy

VGN The Identification of Mammalian Reproductive Genes

Root, Thomas

Vt. Dept. of Forest, Parks and Recreation

Amphibian Monitoring at Mt. Mansfield
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Byers, Jeffrey

NSF-RUI Transition-Metal Templated Radical Reactions
  Byers, Jeffrey

Pfizer, Inc.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship


Choi, Sunhee

VGN Mechanism of Oxidation of 8-Oxoguanine by Pt(IV) Complexes
  Cluss, Robert VGN Is the Burrelia burgdorferi Osm28 Secreted Porin a Cytotoxin?

Larrabee, James

VGN Magnetic Circular Dichroism and Cobalt (II) Binding Studies of Escherichia coli Methionine Aminopeptidase

Sandwick, Roger

VGN A Stability Study of Phosphoribosamine
  Sandwick, Roger VGN The Maillard and Amadori Reactions of Ribose 5-Phosphate

Pyle, William

Education Department—Fulbright-Hays

The Evolution and Role of Business Associations in Post-Socialist Russia

Claudon, Michael

John M. Templeton Foundation

Institutional Project: Support for Digital Bridges


Losano, Antonia

American Philosophical Society—Franklin

19th-Century Election Drama


Billings, Timothy

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Conference at Stanford University:   Shakespeare in Asia -- An international conference


Billings, Timothy

Folger Shakespeare Library

Glossing Shakespeare:  Reading the Plays from the Bottom of the Page

Losano, Antonia

NEH Summer Seminar

Literature and the Visual Arts
Film & Media Culture

Mittell, Jason

Mellon Faculty Career Initiatives

Symposium on Film and Media Studies in the Liberal Arts


Knowles, Anne

NEH—Collaborative Research (Newberry Library)

Conference at Newberry Library—History and Geography: Assessing the role of geographical Information in Historical Scholarship


Manley, Patricia

Lintilhac Foundation

Augmentation of Equipment for Sediment Resuspension Research

Manley, Thomas

Lintilhac Foundation Equipment: Computer Upgrade for Bathymetric and Sidescan Processing

West, David

Maine Geological Survey

Bedrock Mapping in Maine

Manley, Thomas


Final Phase of the Lagrangian Drifters Pilot Program

Munroe, Jeffrey

NSF High-Resolution Records of Holocene Climate Change, Drought Variability and Monsoon Behavior from the Uinta Mountains of Utah

Manley, Patricia

US Geological Survey

Lake Champlain Coring for Holocene Climate Record

Munroe, Jeffrey


Equipment: Acquisition of a Modern Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Use in Making Percent Loss-On-Ignition Measurements of Sediment Organic Content at Middlebury College

Wyatt, Donald

Center for the Study of East Asian Civilization

The Place, Power, and Limits of Foreknowledge in the Mental Universes of Sima Guang and Wang Anshi

Jacobs, Travis

Fulbright Scholar Program—Senior Specialist

Teaching 20th-Century American History in Tunisia

History of Art & Architecture

Atherton, Cynthia

Associated Kyoto Program

Buddhist and Shinto Visual Culture in Kyoto

Andres, Glenn

J. Paul Getty Trust

Institutional Project:  Campus Preservation Planning


Broucke, Pieter

Parnassus Foundation—Supplement

Research in Greece: The Messene Heroon Reconstruction Project

Gomez, Concetta

VGN Investigations in p-adic Model Theory

Peterson, William

VGN Reflection Mappings for Stochastic Flow Networks

Tan, Su Lian


Artist Residency


Graham, Noah

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

KITP Scholar for 2004-2006


Wolfson, Richard

NASA Winding the Spring: Pre-CME Energy Storage in the Solar Corona

Winkler, Frank


Measuring Neutron Star Recoil from a Supernova:  A Unique Opportunity in Puppis A
  Winkler, Frank


Outreach:  Enhancing Outreach from the Middlebury College Observatory


Winkler, Frank

NSF-RUI Observational Studies of Supernova Remnants and the Interstellar Medium
Physical Education

Smith, Gail

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Symposium with Tufts, Bates, Trinity, Wesleyan and Middlebury:   Female Coaching


Lieber, Laura

Littauer Foundation

The Song of Songs in the Poetry of the Early Synagogue:  A Literary, Exegetical, and Cultural Introduction to the Piyyutim

Davis, James

NEH On Religious Liberty: Selections from the Works of Roger Williams

Eaton, David

NEH Research Fellowship: Coming of age in Congo:  Affiliation, narrative, and social history
Studio Art

Butler, James

Mellon Faculty Career Initiatives

Transparent Form: Light Made Physical
Writing Program

Vila, Hector

Orton Family Foundation

Outreach: Digital Stories Project