Faculty Grants 2004-2005

During the 2004-2005 fiscal year, faculty members were awarded over $2 million from government agencies and private sponsors to support their research and other projects; 48 faculty members received a total of 56 grants and fellowships. In addition, faculty efforts resulted in four institutional grants to support the academic program.  The grants will support more than 49 student/faculty collaborations over the next few years as well as travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, publication costs and other project expenses. Sixteen faculty members who were on leave last year were supported in part by 20 grants received in the past or earlier years and grants received this past year will support 20 faculty members on leave in 2005-2006 or future years. Eight faculty grants included funding for scientific equipment. Approximately 25% of the undergraduate faculty submitted at least one grant proposal last year; over 40% of those submitting proposals received at least one grant.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.


Faculty Member


Project Description or Title


Combelles, Catherine


Influence of oxidative stress on bovine oocyte maturation

Landis, Matthew/
Lloyd, Andrea


The demographic basis of elevation range limits in Vermont tree species: the role of competition for light

Lloyd, Andrea

NSF-LTER (University of Alaska)

Collaborative Research: Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest:  Resilience and Vulnerability


Root, Thomas

Lintilhac Foundation

The VT Reptile & Amphibian Atlas and Amphibian Monitoring at Ward Marsh

Root, Thomas

Vt Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation

Monitoring Amphibians on Mt Mansfield and Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas

Spatafora, Grace


Cloning/Characterization of the S. mutans Iron Stimulon

Ward, Jeremy

VGN The identification and characterization of the meiotic mutation mei4
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Byers, Jeffrey


Equipment:  Solvent Purification System


Choi, Sunhee


Mechanism and Kinetics of Oxidation of Guanosine Derivatives by Mechanism and Kinetics of Oxidation of Guanosine Derivatives by Pt/
  Choi, Sunhee VGN Mechanism and Kinetics of Oxidation of Guanosine Derivatives by Pt(IV) Complexes

Cluss, Robert

VGN Cytopathic Effect of the Borrelia burgdorferi Exoproteins Oms28 and Enolase

Sandwick, Roger

VGN The Maillard Reaction between Ribose 5-Phosphate and Cellular Amines
Computer Science

Scharstein, Daniel


Ground-Truth Driven Stereo Algorithm Design

Claudon, Michael

John M. Templeton Foundation

Institutional Project: Support for Digital Bridges


Isham, Jonathan

BPB Foundation; Schumann Center for Media and Democracy; Seventh Generation

Conference at Middlebury: "What Works?"

Nopo, Hugo

Educate Girls Globally and Inter-American Development Bank

Rural Girls' Primary Education and Urban Female Employment in Peru

Pyle, Willaim

IREX Short Term Travel

Role of Business Associations in Post-Soviet Russia

Warin, Thierry

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Participant: Liberal Arts Conference in Economics


Billings, Timothy

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Publication Support


Billings, Timothy

NEH—Summer Institute

Handwritten Worlds of Early Modern England

Elder, John

Guggenheim Foundation

Sugaring, Forestry, and the Destiny of Vermont

Parini, Jay

University of London—Institute for English Studies

A Study of the Intellectual Development of Thomas Aquinas in the Context of His Life and Medieval Philosophy

Skubikowski, Kathy

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Collaborative Faculty Development Program:  Model Institutes for Faculty on Social Justice Education  (with Denison, Furman, Scripps, and Vassar)

Environmental Studies

Seidl, Amy

Environmental Protection Agency

Student Research: Demonstrating the Feasibility of a Biofuel

Film & Media Culture

Perry, Ted

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Interplay Reinvented


Ladimer, Bethany

Whiting Foundation

Teaching American Students How to Reason and Write in French

Nunley, Charles

NEH—Summer Seminar

Robert Desnos and the Question of Wartime Dissent, 1940-1944

Schwartz, Paula

NEH—Summer Seminar Italian Fascism: History and Interpretations

Knowles, Anne

NEH Fellowship

America's Iron Era: Labor land Technological Change in the Iron Industry, 1800-1868

Mayer, Tamar

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Memory and Monuments: Ethnic Identity in China and Mongolia (with Vassar, Scripps)

Nelson, Peter

USDA—cooperative agreement

Migration of the Baby Boom Cohort and Its Impact on Rural America

Manley, Patricia/
Manley, Thomas

Lintilhac Foundation

Whole Lake Side-scan Processing with Web Availability

Manley, Patricia

EPA (Buffalo State)

A sediment trend analysis of the Buffalo River AOC

Manley, Thomas


Collaborative Research: Detailed Hydrodynamic Investigation of the Inland Sea of Lake Champlain


Munroe, Jeffrey

Lintilhac Foundation Investigating Soil Development in the Alpine Zones of the Green Mountains

Munroe, Jeffrey


Collaborative Research: Late-Quaternary Glacial and Paleoclimate History of the Uinta Mountains, Northeastern Utah


Murti, Kamakshi

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

To Veil or not to Veil: Turkish-Germans, Islam, and the headscarf debate

Burnham, Louisa

Dept. of Education—Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminars Abroad

Seminar in Egypt: Multiple Perspectives on the Middle East, the Arab and Islamic Worlds

Burnham, Louisa

NEH—Summer Seminar St. Francis of Assisi and the 13th Century (postponed to 2006)

Heuer, Jennifer

NEH Fellowship

"Our sons married ninety-year olds": War and Family in the Napoleonic Empire

Monod, Paul

Getty Research Institute

Archival Research: Learned Magic in the British Enlightenment


Morsman, Amy

Virginia Historical Society

Archival Research: The Big House After Slavery: Virginia's Plantation Elite and their Postbellum Domestic Experiment

Waters, Neil

Associated Kyoto Program

Tiger by the Tail: Tomeoka Kosuke and Japan's Young Men's Associations

History of Art & Architecture

Atherton, Cynthia

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Promoting and Resisting Westernization:  Rethinking the Arts and Literatures of Meiji Japan, 1868-1912"

Broucke, Pieter

Parnassus Foundation

Supplement: Research in Greece: The Messene Heroon Reconstruction Project


Hoving, Kirsten

NEH Fellowship

Joseph Cornell and Astronomy
  Hoving, Kirsten

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

You Push the Button, I'll do the Rest: An Art Historian's Self-Designed Course in the History and Practice of Photographic Technique

Chang, Natasha

NEH—Summer Seminar Italian Fascism: History and Interpretations

Zupan, Patricia

NEH—Summer Seminar St. Francis of Assisi and the 13th Century (postponed to 2006)

Schumer, Peter

Associated Kyoto Program

History and Development of the Game of Go

Emerson, John

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Collaborative Research: The College Sports Project Center for Data Collection and Analysis)

Physical Education

Smith, Gail

National Collegiate Athletic Association

NESCAC Coaching Symposium II for Women (with Trinity, Tufts, and Wesleyan)

Graham, Noah

Research Corporation

Quantum Z-strings and Oscillons in the Electroweak Standard Model

Graham, Noah

VT-EPSCoR Oscillons in Classical and Quantum Field Theory

Watson, Susan

NSF-REU Supplement


Student Research: REU Supplement for NSF-NIRT grant


Winkler, Frank

NSF-RUI/ROA Supplement: Support for collaborator

Wolfson, Richard

Vermont Space Grant Consortium

From Sun to Earth: Studies in Terrestrial Climate
Political Science

Carmola, Kateri

Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.

Global Warriors: Private Contractors and the Ambiguities of National Strategy

Cason, Jeffrey


Free Trade in the Americas? Brazil and the United States in the FTAA Negotiations

Arndt, Jason/McCauley, Michelle

NSF-REU Research in Psychology: Discovering the Process

Gould, Rebecca Kneale

Center for Religion and American Culture

Young Scholars Program


Lieber, Laura

American Philosophical Society—Franklin

A Poet of the Ancient Galilee: Yannai on Genesis

Mourad, Suleiman

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Toward a Better Understanding of Islam:  The Mu'tazila School and Their Contribution to Islamic Theology

Schine, Robert

Dept. of Education—Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminars Abroad (Egypt)

Multiple Perspectives on the Middle East, the Arab and Islamic Worlds

Sasson, Theodore

Brandeis University

Brandeis University Summer Institute for Israeli Studies

Comajoan, Llorenc

Catalan Government (AGAUR: Agencia de Gestio d'Ajuts Universitaris id de Recerca)

Research in Catalonia: Evolution of Plurilingual Societies:  Representation, behaviors, and liguistic capitals


Veguez, Roberto

Spanish Ministry of Culture

Santander in Vermont: The Generation of 1927 at the Middlebury Spanish School

Studio Art

Butler, James

Pilchuck Glass School

Artist Residency