Faculty Grants 2005-2006

During the 2005-2006 fiscal year, faculty members were awarded over $1 million from government agencies and private sponsors to support their research and other projects; 41 faculty members received a total of 49 grants and fellowships. The grants will support travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, publication costs and other project expenses. Twenty-three faculty members who were on leave last year were supported in part by 22 grants received in the past or earlier years and grants received this past year will support 12 faculty members on leave in 2006-2007 or future years. Three faculty grants included funding for scientific equipment. Approximately 23% of the faculty submitted at least one grant proposal last year; over 60% of those submitting proposals received at least one grant.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.


Faculty Member


Project Description or Title


McCardell, John M.

Robertson Foundation

A Study of the Effects of the 21-Year Old Drinking Age


Andrews, James

Lintilhac Foundation, Inc.

Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas

  Lloyd, Andrea

USDA Forest Service

Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest: Resilience and Vulnerability

  Root, Thomas

Department Of Forests Parks Recreation

Amphibian Monitoring on Mt Mansfield

  Sheldon, Sallie

Fairfield Pond Recreation Assn., Inc.

Biocontrol of Eurasian Water Milfoil

  Spatafora, Grace NIH

Purchase of a Bioscreen C MBR instrument


Ward, Jeremy


The identification and characterization of the mammalian mutation mei4

Chemistry & Biochemistry Byers, Jeffrey


Acquisition of an LC/MS system for Middlebury College

  Cluss, Robert VGN

Cytopathic Effect of the Borrelia burgdorferi Exoproteins oms28 and Enolase

  Sandwick, Roger VGN

The Maillard Reaction between Ribose 5-Phosphate and Cellular Amines and Proteins

  Sandwick, Roger

ACS—Petroleum Research Fund

A Characterization of the Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Reaction of Ribose 5-Phosphase and Amino Acids

Chinese Moran, Thomas

Blakemore Foundation

Senior Scholar at Qinghua University, Beijing, China

Economics Carpenter, Jeffrey

University of Minnesota, Morris

Truckers and Turnover: Using field experiments to understand driver decision-making


Colander, David

Fulbright Scholar Program

Study of Cointegated Vector Auto Regression

  Isham, Jonathan

Clean Air—Cool Planet

What Works? Using Insights from Social Change Research to Accelerate the Nascent Climate Movement

  Pyle, William

Bank of Finland Institute

Business Associations in Post -Communist Russia

  Pyle, William

Social Science Research Council

Teaching Fellowship - Legal Institutions and Post-Soviet Economic Development


Billings, Timothy

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Sinological Methods for Renaissance Travel Writing


Brayton, Daniel


Participant in "The American Maritime People"

Environmental Studies

Costanza-Robinson, Molly


Xe-enhanced Synchrotron X-ray Computer-assisted Microtomography of Model Porous Media


Mayer, Tamar


Participant in The Silk Road: Globalization and Chinese Cultural Identity


Manley, Patricia


SHALDRIL supplement (for SHALDRIL 2)


Manley, Patricia

U.S. Geological Survey

Ship Rental - CHIRP SONAR

  Manley, Thomas

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Hydrodynamic Investigation of the Inland Sea of Lake Champlain—Year II

  Munroe, Jeffrey NSF

WORKSHOP: UINTAS 2006—The Uintas Interdisciplinary Assessment Symposium

  Munroe, Jeffrey NSF

Supplement to Collaborative: Late-Quaternary Glacial and Paleoclimate history of the Uinta Mountains, NE Utah

  Munroe, Jeffrey

USDA Forest Service

Workshop: UINTAS 2006—The Uintas Interdisciplinary Assessment Symposium


Barrow, Ian

American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies

Reimagining Death: The Assassination Museum of SWRC Bandaranaike (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

History of Art & Architecture

Atherton, Cynthia

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Cultural Crossroads and Magic Mountains: Southeast Asian Art in Context


Broucke, Pieter

American Philosophical Society

Reconstructing the Pantheon of Agrippa: Architecture, Sculpture, and Meaning

  Broucke, Pieter NEH Reconstructing the Pantheon of Agrippa: Architecture, Sculpture, and Meaning
  Broucke, Pieter

Parnassus Foundation

MiRA - Middlebury Research in Archaeology (ongoing support)

  Garrison, Eliza

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Percy Ernst Schramm's Portraiture Idea


Hoving, Kirsten

Smithsonian Institution

Joseph Cornell and Astronomy


Post, Jennifer

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Geographic Identities and Musical Expression in Central Asia


Vitercik, Greg


Participant in "Modernist Paris"


Flynn, Jeffrey


Participant in Human Rights in Conflict: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

  Spackman, John NEH

Participant in "Mind and Metaphysics"

Physics Graham, Noah NSF

Solitons and Oscillons in Quantum Field Theory


Winkler, Frank


The Chandra ACIS Survey of M33 (ChASeM33): A Deep Survey of the Nearest Face-on Spiral Galaxy

Psychology Collaer, Marcia VGN

Cognitive and vestibular contributors to sex differences in visuospatial ability

  Collaer, Marcia VT-EPSCoR

Does stereotype threat contribute to visuospatial sex differences in line judgment?

  Kimble, Matthew VGN

Unconscious Fear Effects on Decision-Making


McCauley, Michelle


Pilot testing the relation among vocabulary and memory ability on recall with the Cognitive Interview

Political Science

Connor, Walker

Fulbright Scholar Program

Fulbright Scholar Program


Kraus, Michael

Department Of Education

Edvard Benes, Czechoslovakia and the Great Powers, 1938-1948


Davis, James Calvin


On Religious Liberty: Roger Williams and the Birth of the American Ideal


Beyer, Tom

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Initiative

Russian Brooklyn

Sociology/Anthropology Oxfeld, Ellen

Fulbright Scholar Program

Food and Cultural Transformation in Rural China


Andreu-Sprigg, Alicia

Spanish Ministry of Culture

Corin Tellado and Spanish Narrative


Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria Estel

Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

The New U.S. Latino Narrative: A Migrant Story


Martinez-Lage, Ana

Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

One country, four official languages: Exposing the linguistic plurality of Spain

Studio Art

Butler, James

Pilchuck Glass School