Faculty Grants 2010-2011

During the 2010-2011 fiscal year,  Middlebury College and individual faculty members were awarded over $2.2 million, for a total of 33 grants and fellowships supporting research and other scholarly activities of 28 faculty members. These totals represent a significant decline in faculty awards, which is probably due in large part to the recession and consequent  reduced funding rates (and grant opportunities) – and the fact that the National Science Foundation used federal stimulus funds in FY10 to fund seven research grants (some of which might have otherwise  been declined and not funded until this year). Faculty efforts also led to two major institutional grants awarded in FY11. A grant from the National Science Foundation will enable replacement of the College’s aging research vessel, and the College received its second grant from the Beckman Foundation to continue funding a fellowship program for highly qualified science students.

 It is impossible to know exactly how many grant proposals are submitted each year by Middlebury faculty members because the College tracks only those proposals submitted through the Sponsored Research Office to sources requiring college grant administration and those submitted to support faculty academic leaves. From the available data, it is possible to say that during the past year at least 61 faculty members submitted 127 or more grant proposals (which means that nearly 20% of all faculty were involved in this type of scholarship during 2010-2011).   Forty-five of those proposals were submitted through the Sponsored Research Office.  

 Faculty receiving grants during 2010-2011 represent 16 departments and programs. These grants provide funding for 27 student/faculty collaborations over the next few years as well as travel to research sites and conferences, research supplies, equipment, publication costs, and other project expenses. Fourteen of the grants provide some support for faculty leave projects, and one faculty research grant included scientific equipment. 

In addition to research at Middlebury and at research centers elsewhere, faculty grants received during 2010-2011 provide funding for conferences at Middlebury, curriculum development, professional development,  scientific equipment, field research in Vermont, and research projects around the United States and in 11 foreign countries.  Seventeen  faculty members on leave in 2010-2011 had funding from grants. And 14 grants received during 2010-2011 provide funding for 13 faculty members on leave in 2010-2011 or future years, doing research at Middlebury and around the world.

Copies of the full report are available to Middlebury faculty and staff from the Sponsored Research Office by email.  Contact Franci Farnsworth (x5889) for more information.

Department/Program Faculty Member Sponsor Project Description or Title
Arabic Liebhaber, Sam American Institute for Yemeni Studies data collection in Yemen to document the use of the Mahri language
  Liebhaber, Sam NEH Bedouin Without Arabic: Language, Poetry and the Mahra of Southeast Yemen
  Liebhaber, Sam Fulbright Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Program The Mahra of Oman and the Imazghen of Morocco: Language Diversity and Language Ideology in the Arab World
Biology Combelles, Catherine USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Control of oxidative stress during bovine folliculogenesis
  Spatafora, Grace NIH-RO1 Investigating SloR virulence gene metalloregulation in S. mutans
Chinese Moran, Tom Fulbright Scholar Program Xu Gang and the Origins and Development of Ecological Literature in Reform-Era China
Computer Science Dickerson, Matthew NSF-TUES Teaching Computational Thinking through Multi-Agent Simulation: Increasing Recruitment, Retention, and Relevance of Undergraduate Computer Science
Economics Isham, Jon Bingham Program for Excellence in Teaching, Transylvania University Twenty-first Century Liberal Education: A Contested Concept
  Maluccio, John NSF Effects of Social Transfer Programs on Cognitive, Social, and Economic Outcomes
  Maluccio, John International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) Assessing Medium-term Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfers on Children and Young Adults in Rural Nicaragua
  Muller, Nick EPA Design of Policies for Pollution Control Using Market Mechanisms
  Prasch, Robert Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations (CIRANO) to organize a conference titled, Is Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Succeed?
  Warin, Thierry Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations (CIRANO) to organize a conference titled, Is Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Succeed?
Economics & IPE Arroyo Abad, Letitia Department of Education Summer Library Research Fellowship, Latin American Studies to continue research on Latin American historical inequality, focusing on Peru
English & American Literatures Billings, Timothy Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sinological Methods of Renaissance Travel Writing
  Billings, Timothy Mellon Foundation’s Faculty Career Enhancement 21st Century Shakespeare
Film & Media Culture Grindon, Leger Robert De Niro Fellowship, Harry Ransom Center at U Texas, Austin Subjectivity and Sensation: Filming the Fights in Raging Bull
Film & Media Culture; American Studies Mittell, Jason Lichtenberg-Kolleg Institute for Advanced Study at University of Göttingen (Germany) Popular Seriality
Geography Knowles, Anne  NSF Holocaust Historical GIS
  Knowles, Anne NEH Summer Stipend Holocaust Geographies
  Knowles, Anne Newberry Library Short-Term Fellowship in the History of Cartography Mapping the American Century:Richard Edes Harrison and Erwin Joseph Raisz
Geology Manley, Patricia Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation to visit and photograph active volcanoes in the region’s National Parks and Monument
History Davis, Darien Mellon Foundation’s Faculty Career Enhancement Intellectuals Abroad: Cross-National Influences of Dispersal during World War II and Beyond
  Morsman, Amy Malcolm and Mildred Freiberg Fellowship for research in African-American history North of Reconstruction: Race, Gender, and Reform in the Postbellum North
Philosophy Nuovo, Victor Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for ongoing research on John Locke
Physics Winkler, Frank NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory General Observer Program to detect and measure properties of X-ray sources in the spiral galaxy M83
Psychology Collaer, Marcia NASA EPSCoR Stress & spatial cognition: Effects of acute stress on spatial navigation & attention
  McCauley, Michelle Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation Translating Research into Application: Creating a Manual for Social Workers and Police to use the Cognitive Interview with Children
Sociology Essig, Laurie Mellon Foundation’s Faculty Career Enhancement Queering the Curriculum: A Proposal for Re-envisioning the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Sociology/Anthropology Fitzsimmons, James Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collections The Archaeology of Death in Ancient Mesoamerica
  Owens, Linus NEH Summer Institute American Material Culture: 19th-Century New York
  Sheridan, Michael Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation Africa: Continuity and Change
Spanish Pareja, Roberto Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation National Culture and Space: Art, Narrative, and Travel in 19th-Century Bolivia and Peru
Women’s & Gender Studies Moorti, Sujata
Mellon Foundation’s Faculty Career Enhancement Queering the Curriculum: A Proposal for Re-envisioning the Liberal Arts Curriculum