Grants and Banner

The Grants Accounting Office assigns a unique Fund number for each grant account and creates a new FOAP in Banner. The Grants Accounting Office enters the approved budget into Banner and gives the PI, the department administrator, and the SRO or CFR the Banner FOAP and the Fund/Index number to use for all grant expenses.

The Fund number for a grant account is also that account's Banner Index. If the College has committed cost-sharing (“matching”) to the project, a second Index and FOAP may be assigned for all match-related expenditures.

To review grant expenses in Banner:

  1. Log in to Banner Web.
  2. Select Finance, then Grant/Budget Queries. More detailed instructions are here.
  3. Make sure that all expenses charged are allocable to the grant and posted to an account code consistent with the grant budget.
  4. Move expenses to an appropriate account code if necessary.

As PI/PD, you can authorize other college employees to have Banner access to your grants.

Questions about grants accounting? Contact the Grants Accounting Office.

Questions about using Banner? Contact the Helpdesk (x2200).