Grant Purchasing

Grant purchasing follows the same Procurement Policy and Procedures used for any other Middlebury purchases. Examples include purchase requisitions, charges for Middleburyservices (bookstore, reprographics, etc.), and travel reimbursement. For more information on Middlebury policies and procedures, please see the Accounts Payable website.

All requests for reimbursement or to pay vendors must be submitted to the Grants Accounting Office with original receipts, contracts, or other documentation. P-card purchases must follow the same rules and policies as any other grant purchase. If you use a P card, you or your department must keep all the original receipts available in case the Grants Accounting Office needs them for an audit.

External grants are different than internal grants/funds.      The Principal Investigator/Project Director is  the budget administrator.     So you can approve vouchers for expenses and authorize charges to your grant without asking anyone’s permission – except when you are the payee.   A/P requires a second signature in that case, but you can send those vouchers to A/P with only your signature as "requestor"; someone in “grants accounting” provides the second signature.  

Any change to grant terms and conditions, including the budget, requires an OPAS form.

→ Include the grant Fund number on all paperwork. ←

Questions about grant expenditures? Contact the Office of Grants & Contract Administration.


For grant budget purposes, equipment is any item that costs more than $5K and has a useful life of more than one year. Before purchasing equipment, check with the Office of Grants & Contract Administration to see if the sponsoring agency guidelines or College policy requires bid procedures.

Depending on the cost of the equipment, you may have to submit quotes to the Office of Grants & Contract Administration before you order it:

  • up to $10,000: no quotes necessary
  • $10,001 to $25,000: at least 2 quotes
  • $25,000 and up: at least 3 quotes

Quotes must be in writing: letter, fax, email, or handwritten. This documentation is required by College policy and is designed to satisfy federal regulations. Keep all notes related to phone calls and other conversations with potential vendors!

If you want to purchase equipment from a specific vendor without getting quotes, you must submit a Sole Source form to the Office of Grants & Contract Administration before ordering it. If the equipment costs more than $100,000, you must give the Office of Grants & Contract Administration the Sole Source form before you submit your proposal. In such cases, omit the requisition/purchase order number until the project is funded.

Download the Sole Source form.

All equipment should be purchased well in advance of the last 90 days of a grant period.


To purchase supplies from external vendors, follow normal college procedures for ordering supplies and equipment. Department coordinators may be able to assist with these orders.

Routine office expenses (supplies, postage, telephone, photocopies, etc.) cannot be charged to grants unless they are specifically included in the awarded budget.

Questions about ordering equipment, supplies, or services? Contact the Purchasing Department (x5464).


Travel reimbursements and advances can be requested by submitting a voucher to the Office of Grants & Contract Administration. You can download the voucher at this page.

All airline reservations must be made following College travel policies. Federally-funded travel must be booked with US carriers regardless of the cost (with some limited exceptions related to travel logistics).

To request reimbursement for driving costs, check the Budget Office's FAQs to be sure you use the current mileage reimbursement rate.

For meals and lodging during travel related to the grant, either submit original receipts or use current Federal per diem limits. No federal grant funds can be used for alcoholic beverages, and you must verify that reimbursements for meals do not include payment for alcoholic beverages.

Questions about College travel policies? Contact Ann Rule (x5464).

Foreign Travel

All students who travel to foreign countries in relation to a grant must follow Study Abroad office policies, including registering with the Middlebury's Travel Registration Program and providing proof of insurance.

Faculty should also register their travel so that Middlebury can assist in case of an emergency or a crisis situation abroad. Register at this page.

Professional Services

Depending on cost, you may have to obtain quotes for consulting and other professional services. Middlebury employees cannot be hired with grant funds to provide professional services outside their regular duties, except in certain specific situations and only if explained in the awarded budget.