Salaries, Wages, Fringe, Indirects

Time & Effort Procedures

Before any salary for faculty (including summer salary) or for "exempt from overtime" staff can be paid from a grant, a Time & Effort (T&E) form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Grants & Contract Administration. Faculty or salaried staff working on the grant-funded project indicate the amount (or percentage) of salary to be charged to a grant (consistent with the approved budget) and an estimate of time and effort to be expended on the grant during the upcoming summer or academic year. The Office of Grants & Contract Administration will request confirmation (or corrections) for the estimated time and effort for the previous summer or academic year.

A Time & Effort form is required for all grants, whether or not salary is charged to the grant budget. This form is also used to document time donated to grant projects, whether or not the specific grant requires such documentation.

Students and hourly employees (who report time worked through Banner) do not have to complete Time & Effort forms.

Questions about the Time & Effort form? Contact the Office of Grants & Contract Administration.

Hiring Students

Student Employment Office procedures must be followed to pay student wages from grant funds. These procedures apply to:

  • Middlebury college students
  • non-Middlebury college students
  • high school students

Student wages are set by Human Resources, not by the approved grant budget. In order to pay summer research students with a stipend (instead of hourly wages), you must complete a Summer Research Assistant Authorization (SRAA) Form and get it signed by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Research.

NOTE: An SRAA form is also required if you have a student working for you during the summer who is not being paid wages. In that case the student is a "volunteer," and this form is used to document that relationship with the college.

Download the SRAA form in PDF format here (under Forms).

You can also get a copy by contacting Colleen Converse (x3026).

For more information, contact Dee Gilbert (x5377) or consult the Student Employment Handbook.

Hiring Employees

Employees are anyone (other than students) hired to work on grants administered by the College as College employees. This category includes Middlebury College graduates who cannot be paid through the procedures used for undergraduates. Hiring and all other actions relating to their employment must be coordinated by the Human Resources Department (or the Dean of Faculty in the case of faculty) and handled in the same manner as for other employees. Salaries and wages are determined by Human Resources (or Dean of Faculty) based on the job description, not by the amount in the approved budget.

Questions about hiring grant-funded employees? Contact Human Resources (x 5465).

Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs (Facilities & Administration)

The Office of Grants & Contract Administration is responsible for recording as grant expenses the fringe benefit charges and the approved Facilities and Administration (F&A) costs (formerly known as indirect costs). Fringe benefits and F&A charges are based on the grant budget approved by the funding source. These charges are usually posted on a monthly basis.

For more about fringe benefits, click here.

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Questions about fringe benefits and F&A costs? Contact the Office of Grants & Contract Administration.